Opel to release Grandland PHEV as GSe model

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Shortly after the announcement of the Astra GSe and Astra Sports Tourer GSe, Opel has unveiled the next model of its electrified subsidiary. The Grandland GSe has a plug-in hybrid drive that combines a 1.6-litre petrol engine with two electric motors (one on each axle).

Those familiar with the Stellantis models will already have guessed: it is the familiar PHEV drive of the EMP2 models. According to the Stellantis announcement, this gives the Grandland GSe a system output of up to 221 kW and can accelerate to 100 km/h in 6.1 seconds. In purely electric mode, the vehicle can drive up to 135 km/h, in hybrid mode up to 235 km/h are possible.

But: Opel already offers the SUV model, which will be revised in 2021, in two PHEV versions. The Grandland Hybrid has the 165 kW PHEV drive from Stellantis with only one electric motor on the front axle. The Grandland Hybrid4, with an additional electric motor on the rear axle, uses exactly the same 221 kW version that is now also offered by the GSe. According to the press release, there are no changes to the drive system.

The GSe differs from the Grandland Hybrid4 in its specially calibrated steering and GSe-exclusive springs and dampers. The dampers feature KONI FSD (Frequency Selective Damping) technology, which allows the vehicle to set different damping characteristics for handling and comfort depending on the situation.

In addition, as with the Astra GSe, there are visual changes alongside the suspension. These include special 19-inch rims, whose design is inspired by the Manta GSe, as well as a rear diffuser, which, however, serves more for design than aerodynamics. Optionally, the Grandland GSe also comes with a black-painted bonnet.

Stellantis does not yet mention prices for the Opel Grandland GSe in the announcement. Depending on the equipment, the Grandland Hybrid4 costs between 52,195 and 56,010 euros. Since the GSe is not just another equipment line, but is to be built up as a sub-brand in sales, it is not yet clear how the model will be priced.

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