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Our Place’s Best-Selling Perfect Pot Is the Most-Used Piece of Cookware in My Home

From stove top to oven to table, you can’t go wrong with the eight-in-one kitchen essential.

lifestyle, our place’s best-selling perfect pot is the most-used piece of cookware in my home

Our Place

When I moved into my new house this summer and organized my kitchen, I realized I was in desperate need of new cookware. I make dinner every night for our two-person household, and my kitchen essentials were starting to show it. I abused our old pots and pans to the point where the Teflon was scratched off in various areas, and the outer layer was utterly ruined.

I vowed to take a solid step into adulthood by setting out to find new kitchenware that could hold its own against the daily meals made on our new gas stove. And with so many little fixes popping up in our new home, I was shopping on a budget, looking for something I could use for just about any recipe. Our editors adored the Our Place Perfect Pot’s eight-in-one clever, do-it-all capabilities, so I decided to put it to the test.

lifestyle, our place’s best-selling perfect pot is the most-used piece of cookware in my home

Our Place

To buy: $165;

Honestly, the hardest decision was picking a color because they all appealed to me (I finally settled on the darling periwinkle Aura hue). As its name suggests, the “Perfect Pot” is truly a pot that does it all in my kitchen.

The 5.5-quart pot can take the place of a Dutch oven, stockpot, saucepan, roaster, steamer, strainer, braiser, and spoon rest. It came ready with a roasting rack, a sturdy wooden spoon, and a sponge, but I added the brand’s silicone Hot Grips and Fry Deck, which have also gotten a lot of use in my kitchen.

I’ve used my pot to make various pasta cuisines (the strainer lid and pour spout are game-changing), soups and stocks, steam-fried dumplings, and roasted veggies. And of course, it outshines when it comes to creating one-pot meals. Because of its large capacity, I always make our dishes with next-day leftovers for lunch in mind.

The slick, nonstick ceramic coating has made cleaning up very simple. Whether I made mac and cheese or a long-simmered chili, there were no stuck-on messes—I even burned a few chickens trying to adjust to using the gas stove. Once I let the pot cool off, I used the companion sponge and a little mild dish soap, and the interior was as good as new, no vicious scrubbing required.

It’s pretty enough to serve on the table, and frankly, I let it sit on my stovetop as a colorful little statement piece in my black-and-white kitchen. I’ve been using my Perfect Pot nonstop since August, and it’s still in pristine condition without discoloration or signs of wear.

If you’re searching for an all-in-one cookware piece to invest in, you won’t be disappointed with Our Place’s Perfect Pot. The kitchen powerhouse can not only get the job done when it comes to nailing cuisine, but it will also look great doing it.

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