Outrage as Greggs hike price of famous sausage rolls

Greggs has hiked the prices of its famous sausage rolls due to supply chain issues – and fans are disappointed. The high street bakery chain has increased the price by 5p, meaning one of Gregg’s iconic sausage rolls now costs £1.15 in most of it stores, up from £1.10.

In a Tweet, Greggs said like many other retailers, the “pressure of rising prices” across their supply chain are forcing them to make small price increases across their range of baked goods. However, many fans of the popular bakery were disappointed with the price change, , as reported in the Mirror.

Many took to Twitter to comment on the increase, with one writing: “Outrageous @GreggsOfficial sausage rolls gone up by 5p this week!!!!!!”, while another wrote: “How can Greggs put the sausage roll prices up from £1.10 to £1.15? I’m actually tired.”

food, outrage as greggs hike price of famous sausage rolls

The high street bakery said they have had to make some price increases across their range

A third commented: “You know the world is f*cked when Greggs put the prices up sneakily 5p on a breakfast. I nearly cried.” The much-loved bakery put up its prices by 5p to 10p in January this year, with a sausage roll going up from £1 to £1.05. Then in August Greggs warned that its prices would probably have to go up again – by per cent.

Greggs also confirmed plans to extend opening hours and offer more delivery across its stores this year. At the time, Greggs said the cost of its ingredients, packaging and energy bills have all risen – but says it has “worked hard” to keep prices as low as possible to customers.

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