Pangkil Island In 2022: An Exclusive And Elusive Private Island Paradise!

Islands are the gems scattered in the vastness of an ocean that are for us to discover and to treasure. You might visit a national park or serene hill station to detox your mind if you are seeking a memorable escape to bliss, there is nothing more alluring than an island destination. These little patches of land are both beautiful and mysterious at the same time. One such absolutely mesmerizing private island destination is the Pangkil island located near Singapore.

About Pangkil Island

explore, travel, indonesia, pangkil island in 2022: an exclusive and elusive private island paradise!

Pangkil island is one of the best-kept secrets of Indonesia. Secluded from the tech crazy world, this quaint little green patch is so adorably studded into the deep blue waters. Also, popularly known as Pulau Pangkil, this tropical island is a dream getaway destination for anyone seeking an out of the world experience. Now just imagine having the whole island booked privately for your next romantic getaway.

Even the mere thought of it sounds so romantic! Isn’t it? Pulau Pangkil is a private island paradise perfectly suited for a fantastic family get-together, friends reunion, birthday party, corporate team-building event, wedding, etc. Most importantly, it’s a perfect destination for couples who want to celebrate the magic of their love in their own private way. For them, it’s just the best romantic getaway! Personalized service and good food are always at your beck and call while you are on this island, which has made it a popular choice over the past decade.

The island of Pangkil stands for 3 Es- Exclusive, Exotic and Exuberant! It is located on the South Eastern side of Bintan Island, Indonesia. The island resort can be easily reached from Singapore and thus has become the hot favorite for visitors as well as locals. If you are gearing up for a beach wedding or for an exclusive beach party or a very special corporate event, here is the perfect location for you.

How To Reach Pangkil Island?

explore, travel, indonesia, pangkil island in 2022: an exclusive and elusive private island paradise!

The only way to reach this elusive little beauty of a place is by traversing the blue waters. There are regular ferries running from Singapore to Pangkil Island which includes a brief stop at the main island of Bintan. It’s about 2 hours of tranquil sailing that gets you all excited about your getaway at Pangkil island. From Bintan, it’s a thrilling ride of 10 minutes upon a speedboat which takes you to your dream destination. On your way back, you don’t make a pitstop at Bintan, but rather take a direct boat ride to Singapore which would take about 3 hrs on an average.

Best Things To Do On Pangkil Island

explore, travel, indonesia, pangkil island in 2022: an exclusive and elusive private island paradise!

When you rent it, you become the sole owners of this awesome island, even if it means only for a couple of days. You have the liberty of indulging in the activities of your choice. As this is an ideal place for a party or a wedding, we are sure you have an exciting list of events and engagements lined up. You need to coordinate with the staff of the resort to make all arrangements or facilitate you for the same. On the contrary, if you have booked the island just for recreational or reunion purposes, there is a lot more room for adventure and fun. The Pangkil Island weather doesn’t fluctuate much and remains cool at almost all the time. It gives you the liberty to opt for Kayaking and other water sports that are quite popular here. Visitors are encouraged to spend some time in snorkeling and fish watching. Then there are beach sports which a perfect way to get some tan on your skin. As the sun sets, take your pedal board and drift on the clear waters to close the day.

Where To Stay On Pangkil Island?

explore, travel, indonesia, pangkil island in 2022: an exclusive and elusive private island paradise!

Extremely contrary to the general notion that private islands come with a huge price tag, the Pangkil island resort is, in fact, a value deal considering all the exclusiveness it has to offer. Visitors usually book it for a package of 3 days and 2 nights, the charges for which cover everything from transportation to accommodation, food, and water sports.

They offer various options for accommodation, all of which are available for you. There you have the thatched wooden structured bungalow house including hammocks that can house small families. Then there are the ‘Driftwood Palaces’ right by the beach allowing you to get out of the bed and go into the ocean, quite literally. Apart from this, there are large areas dedicated to party and indoor activity. You also have secluded massage areas giving you some of the most gorgeous views of the island and the sea. We assure you that you will be spoilt for choice when you are on the island of Pulau Pangkil.

Whether you are walking down the aisle of soft white sand to say ‘I Do’, or celebrating a landmark in your life or having the most exotic party with your buddies, Pulau Pangkil mystic beauty can add its own charm. Treat yourself to a once in a lifetime experience on your next trip to Singapore! Do not forget to keep this Pangkil Island guide handy as it will assist you on your voyage.

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