PEPPER LUNCH MENU (with Delivery)

When people think of eating steak, it’s associated with a delicious, high-quality, yet expensive dish that’s often reserved for special occasions. However, Pepper Lunch decided to take this concept of steak and turn it into a more affordable, hearty meal that people could order whenever they wanted.

Pepper Lunch began in 1990 as the brainchild of Kunio Ichinoso, a first-class chef who dreamed of it as a way for people to enjoy high-quality food even without a chef’s preparations. He presented the concept in 1994 at the Hotel & Restaurant Exhibition in Tokyo, then opened the first Pepper Lunch branch at Ofuna, Kanagawa.

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The concept of enjoying and preparing one’s meal at their own table was such a big hit that more Pepper Lunch branches opened all over Japan. Because of its remarkable growth, Pepper Lunch received a trophy for New Business Development from Japan Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Department on June 2005. This Japanese steak concept spread to the rest of Asia, with the first Philippine branch opening in Rockwell in 2008. Now there are over twenty branches in the country!

Pepper Lunch Menu

Whether it’s your first time ordering from this fast-casual franchise, or you’re a sizzling plate fan who’s already into their food, these Pepper Lunch dishes should make it to your next order. One of the most popular Pepper Lunch items in the Philippines is the Beef Pepper Rice. With strips of thinly-cut, juicy steak ready for cooking, butter, and corn, it’s a tasty and filling combo to mix into your rice as it fries. Got an appetite? You can upsize this rice to Jumbo or add an egg to your order!

explore, travel, pepper lunch menu (with delivery)


The Giant ₱ 707
Tokusen Rib Eye Steak ₱ 655
Shimofuri Pepper Steak ₱ 615
Chicken Steak & Pepper Steak ₱ 707
Teriyaku Beef & Egg ₱ 350
Italian Lamb ₱ 355
Beef Yakiniku ₱ 325
Pepper Chicken Steak w/ Egg ₱ 350
Teriyaki Double Salmon ₱ 395
Jumbo Beef Pepper Rice ₱ 320
Beef Pepper Rice ₱ 235
Chicken Pepper Rice ₱ 235
Salmon Pepper Rice ₱ 280
Lamb Pepper Rice ₱ 275
Curry Beef Pepper Rice w/ Cheese ₱ 250
Teriyaki Beef Pepper Rice w/ Rice ₱ 265
Garlic Beef Pepper Rice ₱ 245
Meat Trio Deluxe ₱ 355
BBQ Beef & Sausage ₱ 330
BBQ Beef & Chicken Steak ₱ 350
Salmon & Chicken Steak ₱ 350
BBQ Chicken Steak & Sausage ₱ 325
Cheesy Omelette w/ Beef ₱ 425
Cheesy Omelette with Chicken Steak ₱ 425
Beef ₱ 425
Beef & Sausage ₱ 425
Chicken Steak ₱ 425
Beef Aglio Olio ₱ 290
Chicken Aglio Olio ₱ 290
Chicken Tomato Pasta ₱ 330
Salmon Cream Pasta ₱ 425

explore, travel, pepper lunch menu (with delivery)

Want to spring for something a little fancier? Pepper Lunch has premium steak options that you can cook on your own on their sizzling plates, such as the Premium Rib Eye Steak Rice and Shimofuri Pepper Steak.

Despite all these options, pescatarians need not fret as one of Pepper Lunch’s other bestsellers is the Salmon Pepper Rice. With delicious salmon pieces you can lightly sear or cook all the way in sauce and butter, it’s an equally yummy item to order. Add miso soup, or kani salad to enjoy a Japanese feast – and the best part is all these orders are available to prep DIY at their branches, or cooked and ready to eat if you get them delivered.


explore, travel, pepper lunch menu (with delivery)
explore, travel, pepper lunch menu (with delivery)
explore, travel, pepper lunch menu (with delivery)
explore, travel, pepper lunch menu (with delivery)

Pepper Lunch Delivery

While one of the charms of Pepper Lunch is that you can prepare your favorite ingredients your way into the perfect dish, you can order Pepper Lunch dishes delivered to your home so you can skip the cooking!

explore, travel, pepper lunch menu (with delivery)

If you don’t want to visit a branch to dine in or get take-out, you can place an order from your nearest Pepper Lunch branch through GrabFood or Foodpanda. With just a few taps on your desired app, you can tuck into a satisfying, comforting bowl of hot rice.