PERI PERI MENU (Affordable, Smoky Goodness)

Filipinos love a plateful of juicy, grilled meat, so it’s no wonder that the local dining concept Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken has enjoyed a gradual expansion and opened one new branch after another. First opened in 2005 by Bryan Tiu (also founder of Teriyaki Boy and former franchise owner of Domino’s Pizza), Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken’s concept was simple. By putting together flavorful grilled chicken with a variety of intriguing sauces and simple sides, the chicken became a canvas for letting customers try new spice combinations that would tickle their palates.

The business became so successful that Bryan Tiu was eventually able to sell it to Shakey’s Philippines. With over fifty branches in Metro Manila and nearby areas serving chicken meals that were great value for money, Shakey’s Philippines had great confidence in the concept’s potential to become even more popular with diners.

Recently, the 54th Peri-Peri outlet was opened with an interesting idea: the “Fly-Thru” store. Located in Vermosa in Cavite, this branch promises to elevate the typical drive-through experience. It’s also a branch committed to being a green and progressive space, using solar-powered lights and eco-friendly paints. With the constant desire to offer new and exciting ideas to consumers, it’s no surprise that Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken keeps going from strength to strength!

explore, travel, peri peri menu (affordable, smoky goodness)

Photo: Peri Peri FB

Peri-Peri Menu

Thinking of trying the Portuguese-inspired dishes of Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken? Start things off with their Pica-Pica selection. Their Jalapeno Fries and Salted Egg Chicken Skin are small but delightful appetizers guaranteed to whet your appetite! For something lighter and healthier, you may want to go for their Create Your Own Salad Adventure, where you can choose from three dressings and heft it up with your choice of protein.

Quarter Chicken (with 1 side) ₱290
Quarter Chicken (with 2 sides) ₱340
Half Chicken (with 1 side) ₱440
Half Chicken (with 2 sides) ₱495
Quarter Ribs (with 1 slide) ₱485
Quarter Ribs (with 2 slides) ₱520
Chicken and Rib (with 1 side) ₱625
Chicken Grupo ₱1049
Rib Grupo ₱1889
Chicken and Rib Grupo ₱2414
Chicken N’ Pasta  ₱330
Honey BBQ Chicken Fillet  ₱320
Grilled Honey Pork Belly  ₱335
BBQ Bourbon Riblet  ₱395
Chorizo Bolognese Solo – ₱290
To Share – ₱560
Carbonara Solo – ₱290
To Share – ₱560
Shrimp Aglio Olio Solo – ₱310
To Share – ₱635
Paste Tartufo Solo – ₱340
To Share – ₱760
Cheese Quesadilla ₱155
BBQ Chicken Quesadilla ₱170
Philly Cheesesteak Quesadilla ₱205
Chicken Grilled Wrap ₱215
Salsa and Chips ₱185
Mozarella Sticks ₱205
Peri Nacho Bake Solo – ₱215
To Share – ₱395
Jalaporco ₱205
Jalaporco ₱195

explore, travel, peri peri menu (affordable, smoky goodness)

Photo: Peri Peri FB

Solo – 6pcs, 1 Flavor ₱299
Duo, 12 pcs, 2 Flavors ₱499
To Share – 24 pcs, 4 flavors ₱999
Salted Egg Crispy Chicken Skin Regular – ₱130
To Share – ₱310
Salted Egg Potato Chips Regular – ₱130
To Share – ₱310
Jalapeno Fries Regular – ₱130
To Share – ₱310
Chicken Poppers Regular – ₱130
To Share – ₱310
Fish Sticks Regular – ₱130
To Share – ₱310
Peri-Peri Dynamite Regular – ₱130
To Share – ₱310
Loaded Pica Sampler Regular – ₱130
To Share – ₱310
Plate 1 ₱320
Plate 2 ₱320
Plate 3 ₱340

As for mains, you can’t go wrong with their best-selling chicken in Classic, Spicy Picante, or Sweet BBQ flavors. Share a whole or half chicken with a group and get their sides to round off your meal – we highly recommend getting the Bacon Mac And Cheese or the Honey Glazed Marble Potato. For something meatier, Peri-Peri’s Pork BBQ Ribs are succulent and thick, with an utterly moreish glaze that’ll leave you wanting more!

Even solo diners can treat themselves to individual portions of Peri-Peri’s more popular items. Their Peri Plates are served with java rice and natas – just choose chicken, ribs, or a combination of both in your desired portion size!

Here is the rest of the menu like sides, extras, desserts, designer drinks, and beverages.

explore, travel, peri peri menu (affordable, smoky goodness)
explore, travel, peri peri menu (affordable, smoky goodness)

Peri-Peri Delivery

No need to step out to a branch to enjoy Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken’s bestsellers – they’re available for delivery so you can treat yourself in the comfort of your house. You can call their delivery hotline to arrange a pick-up – just dial 7374-7374. You can also have your order fulfilled via Booky at this site: https://merchant-portal.booky.ph/. A third option is placing orders via GrabFood or Foodpanda. Just order your desired items through your preferred app and wait for them to arrive – easy as pie!

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