Pet Lovers Praise Metro Manila Mall for Letting a Homeless Cat Inside

The Philippines is far from being the most animal-friendly country in the world. But it’s great to know that there are private organisations, citizens, and businesses that continue to work towards this goal in any way that they can.

Take for example the case of Ayala Fairview Terraces, which received praises for allowing a homeless cat in its premises. As a lot of establishments, from hotels to restaurants, still do not allow them into their buildings, such a small effort is giving animal lovers hope that someday, the country can do more for these creatures after all.

Homeless cat in Ayala Fairview Terraces

Ayala Fairview Terraces takes pride in being one of the best pet-friendly malls in Manila, with a number of shops selling pet essentials and establishments accepting mostly cats and dogs. However, this seems to only apply to those who have owners.

On the Facebook community, CATS & KITTENS Philippines, a member by the name of Danish Otoko posted a photo of a cat without a collar, indicating that he or she might have been allowed entry into the mall with an owner of his or her own.

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Image credit: Danish Otoko

“Nakita ko lang kanina sa mall na ito na napuntahan ko. Napaka-pet-friendly nila. Hinayaan nilang magpalamig ang pusa sa loob. Napakabait ng may ari at mga tauhan nila dito,” the mall visitor said in a post dated 7 Jul 2021. The cat is pictured laying down in front of a local branch of Jollibee.

Members of the community likewise shared their reactions, mostly applauding the animal-friendly mall for their compassion towards unowned cats. “Nagsisimba ako sa second floor kaya nakikita ko pagala-gala lang sila at nakakapasok pa sa loob,” Marc Ola shared.

When encountering stray animals, like this cat in Ayala Fairview Terraces, others in the group reminded everyone to take the initiative of rescuing and adopting them. Or, at least having them spayed or neutered to prevent the number of stray animals in the Philippines from ballooning.

Featured image credit: Ayala Malls | Official Website

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