Pete Davidson Leads Taco Bell Toward a Breakfast Pop-Up

food, pete davidson leads taco bell toward a breakfast pop-up

Pete Davidson likes breakfast at Taco Bells and the Yankees.

There’s stiff competition in the wide field of chaos-inclined celebrities, whose sartorial decisions, romantic entanglements, and bodily fluids are all extensively examined under a social media microscope. Goblin-mode role model and part-time comic Pete Davidson, a tabloid regular due to his starlet-studded dating history and maximalist style choices, isn’t the messiest option around but does fall toward the… shall we say, unpredictable end of the scale.

Later this month, Chicago will host new all-day breakfast pop-up in Wrigleyville, a stunt in which Davidson plays a major role, with the Bell banking on the actor’s mayhem-driven reputation. The same fast-food giant that’s inspired a literary magazine has unveiled a new ad, “the Apology,” in which Davidson atones for the chain’s legacy of bizarre breakfast items (how can fans forget the waffle taco?). “Sometimes we go too far. I have!” Davidson says in the ad. “That’s why Taco Bell has hired me to make an apology for them.”

The spot launches Taco Bell’s new menu, one that runs away from Taco Bell’s breakfast history, one that features “tasty, simple” options like a Breakfast CrunchWrap with scrambled egg, cheese, sausage, and hash browns: “Well, they should open a restaurant that only serves us breakfast crunch things,” Davidson says.

The line neatly ties into a pop-up from October 20 to 23 at Wrigleyville’s Taco Bell Cantina at 1107 W. Addison Street. The restaurant will become “the Bell Breakfast,” where patrons can find breakfast items all day. The pop-up will also come to New York and Las Vegas, according to a news release.

Taco Bell has a history with Chicago where it debuted its first location that sold booze back in 2015 in Wicker Park. The location is in the same area where protesters saw crews raze a beloved Taco Bell location that’s since been replaced by a sparkling three-story building with another Taco Bell. The morning menu should at least pander to Cubs fans and tourists visiting for a day game. Maybe Taco Bell will get Davidson, a Yankees fan, to throw out a ceremonial first pitch at the Friendly Confines.

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