Peugeot boss: all cars to offer 'pleasure of driving'


And the upcoming 'Inception' concept doesn't preview a specific model, but a new way of thinking…

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Well, Top Gear gives her the chance and she doesn’t take it. We ask Peugeot boss Linda Jackson if there will be sports versions of Peugeot’s electric cars. She won’t commit. Which means sports versions of any of her cars, as the whole range will be electric by 2030.

The reason? All Peugeots will be great to drive. Oh right.

“We need to concentrate on other things. We haven’t done a Peugeot Sport Engineered version of our EVs because pure [straight-line] performance isn’t such a big special thing with electric cars.” We ask about sport-chassis versions. Again it seems that isn’t a priority.

“We want to offer what we call allure in every Peugeot. That means agility, and the pleasure of driving. It’s the one word that sharpens our values.”

In fact she promises that later this year Peugeot will have a new concept car. It’s called the Inception. It’s not a preview of a specific car, but something more directional and visionary.

“It uses the full-electric STLA platform. Which is real. But it’s about our future ambition. Not just about propulsion.”

She points to three elements. “The new EV platform means a new organisation of space. Then it will show new gestures for driving, taking our i-Cockpit several steps further. Third there will be new digital services.

“The Inception is a completely new era for Peugeot, reinventing pleasure of the automobile. It shows ideas for the next decade. It’s not just about a concept car, it’s explaining a new customer experience.”

Unfortunately Jackson refused to give any visual clues to back this up. She was speaking at the Paris Show and said she didn’t want to show the Inception and steal thunder from the 408, a new car that they have to sell now.

She also announced that by 2025 Peugeot will have a full battery version of every model in its range. At the moment that applies to the 208 and 2008, and soon the 308 and 408. But the larger 5008 and 508 are limited to plug-in hybrid currently. By 2025 the 508 will be seven years old and the 5008 eight, so it’s likely we are talking about all-new cars on the new STLA electric platform.

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auto, autos, car, cars, electric, geo, peugeot, peugeot boss: all cars to offer 'pleasure of driving'

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