Pita Master Eyal Shani Trips the Light Fantastic Over to Notting Hill for New Miznon

food, pita master eyal shani trips the light fantastic over to notting hill for new miznon

Spaghetti bolognese in a pita, duh.

Eclectic pita master Eyal Shani is bestowing another Miznon on London, as his presence in the city puffs up like his pneumatic breads. Hot on the heels of Soho comes a new trip both to, and in, Notting Hill, billed as a “kiosk.”

In plain speak, that just means it’s smaller than the Berwick Street restaurant that Shani opened earlier this year. Opening at 14 Elgin Crescent on 11 November, it will bring both the London pitas that Shani has conceived — fish and chips; all-day breakfast; cottage … pie … — and Miznon’s hero dishes, which include, let it never be forgotten, one large cauliflower. Grilled.

Despite being a kiosk, which is in fact what miznon means in Hebrew, take away will only be possible at lunch. This eccentricity is not atypical of Shani, who declared London “a magical land” and a place of “fairytales … Coming from a crown that has never been dropped” when he landed in the city, shortly before Queen Elizabeth II dropped her crown. His view of Notting Hill?

“With its mysterious streets and eccentric people, there are no two ingredients more seductive or attractive than that to create new pitas for the world.”

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