Plant Obsessed Wife Challenges Husband to Find the New Plant She Snagged

food, plant obsessed wife challenges husband to find the new plant she snagged

And spoiler: He doesn’t do great!

“Hey honey, where is the ketchup? I think we are out” Does this sound familiar to you? Your response is either “where it always is in the side door of the fridge” or “did you look behind the milk?” – and chances are it’s in one of those two spots. We love our husband, and don’t get me wrong, they do so much for us, keep us safe, warm, and change the oil in our cars… but when it comes to being observant their rankings are pretty low.

Content creator and wife @apandakills posted to TikTok a funny video that has all of us plant lovers and wives chuckling in an all-to-relatable manner.


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To cut her husband some slack she does have a hefty collection of house plants, but for him to point out plants they have had for over two years as the one she just brought home and sent him on a wild goose chase to identify, come on! You can tell that in the video he wants to- so badly- succeed and he starts off pacing through each room that has plants residing in them, he hesitantly points at a few and his wife chuckles and tells him he is wrong. When he finally identifies the correct plant he says “see I know”, but his wife captions the video “It took him 2 min 30 seconds. lol”.

Now lets just hope he doesn’t want revenge as ask his wife to indemnify the new power tool he brought home.

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