Playing Classic Card Games for Relaxation

As the saying goes – simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. This also holds true when it comes to relaxation. With the advent of technology nowadays, yes we might get the full extent of entertainment during our free time, but it does not assure if we get the true essence of me-time and relaxation. Something that we all badly need in the midst of our chaotic and busy lives.

A lot of people choose to play online games to enjoy. With all the latest technology, no one can deny the popularity and level of excitement these newest games bring. But if you’re like me who simply wants to relax, I would rather go for simple and classic games. One of these is the popular card game – Solitaire.

Who doesn’t know Solitaire? Well, I’m asking the people of the same generation as me. I guess the younger generations don’t know this game anymore, but I hope this post helps to inform you about Solitaire. Maybe, you can try it too.  I play this game when I was younger especially when I started working. During break time, this helped me when I’m stressed at the office. It relaxes me but at the same time practices my mind to think logically. It’s a classic game that lets me practice my problem-solving skills.

That’s why I’m glad to discover this website, Solitaire.org, which offers free online Solitaire card games. Solitaire used to be pre-installed on many older PCs but not anymore with the new ones. So, it’s just nice to discover this website. I can play solitaire anytime, anywhere. I even tried playing it while I was on the road traveling. It works perfectly fine with mobile browsers. Plus, you can also play this as a standalone web application. There is an option when you open the game on your mobile browser.

explore, travel, playing classic card games for relaxation

Although the name of this site is Solitaire, it actually features more online games just like hidden object games, mahjong games, connect 3 games, and a lot more!

I had the chance to try these and I can say that my favorite is the Zuma Ball. This game is included in the Match 3 Games. It’s simple, relaxing, and has the right amount of excitement. You don’t have any idea how I work hard and fast when I see that the balls are about to touch the end of the level.

Zuma Ball game is simple. On each level, there is a long ball chain with different colors. You have to create sets of 3 or more balls in a row with the same color and design to be able to remove them from the chain before it gets to the end. I was able to reach Level 6 so far, but I am determined to finish until Level 10. I can do that.

explore, travel, playing classic card games for relaxation

The best thing about this game is I can play this on any device like laptop, Ipad, and even mobile phone. I was able to play this as a standalone web application too. So whether I’m at home or traveling, I can still enjoy these classic games.

Final Thoughts

We have this popular idiom that says – to each his own. I know that with the advent of technology, there are many sophisticated and high-tech mobile online games. And more and more people play and patronize these. But if you’re me, a dude who would rather go for simple and classic games to relax, this type of game is perfect for you. It still strengthens our analytical and problem-solving skills but at the same time, it relaxes our minds. And in our busy lives, that’s what matters the most.