Popular London café given 0 hygiene score as staff wore 'nose ring'

A popular London sandwich shop has been given the worst possible hygiene rating for using dirty clothes to wipe surfaces and for allowing staff to wear earrings and nose piercings. Alfredo’s Sandwich Bar has been given a rating of zero by a City of London hygiene inspector after having a five-star rating for 17 years.

The shop’s owner told the Local Democracy Reporting Service he was having a kidney transplant when the inspector visited but he did not see what was wrong with having dirty dishes in the sink or staff having piercings.

Alfred, who did not give his surname, said: “I don’t think I have any of my staff with big earrings and even so what’s wrong with them? I had a 5 star on my hygiene for 17 years and suddenly [the inspector] comes on the hottest day recorded in London and says that the shop is too hot.

food, popular london café given 0 hygiene score as staff wore 'nose ring'

An outside shot of the blue shop

“She was very rude to my staff and it doesn’t make sense what she says I looked at her report. As soon as I am able to return to work I will challenge everything she says.”

He added: “She saw dishes on the sink and in her photos on the report, she says it’s not good. Where are supposed the dirty dishes to be on the floor? In my 17 years in the City, I never had any complaints of food poisoning or foul food whatsoever.”

The takeaway sandwich shop, which serves up to 400 people a day, was also criticised as a member of staff had a septum nose ring and big white hoop earrings on while they worked.

A City of London inspector noted: “Staff should not wear jewellery when in food handling areas. A member of staff was observed wearing a septum nose ring and big white hoop earrings.”

They added: “Staff were observed wiping worksurfaces several times using dirty re-usable cloths in the serving area, and no disinfectant was used.”

food, popular london café given 0 hygiene score as staff wore 'nose ring'

The kitchen at Alfredo’s Sandwich bar. There is a dirty cloth on the side and a sandwich being made in a toaster

“The hand wash basin was dirty and the taps were coated in a greasy residue due to dirty equipment being cleaned in there,” the inspector further added.

They also said: “There is no chilled storage as the fridge in the basement was broken. There were a few freezers which were in use. All foods are made up daily and put in the display counter.”

The shop previously had a five-star rating for 17 years but it was also marked down for leaving frozen beef out and for washing basins being blocked by trays of cooling bacon. The City of London asked Alfredo’s sandwiches to deep clean their basement kitchen including its pipes, walls sinks and taps.

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