Posh London restaurant is hiring a grape feeder who needs 'gorgeous hands' and to know Latin

Just when you thought restaurants couldn’t get any wackier or weirder, a new Mayfair venue announces its hiring… a grape feeder. Yes, a new role within the hospitality industry has opened up to prospective employees for Bacchanalia, looking for London’s first ever grape feeder.

This isn’t ancient Greece or Rome, but it is bringing those traditions to the forefront of the food scene in London. In an advert shared on Twitter – which was also posted on the restaurant’s Instagram story and was published on a pull out of The Sunday Times on Sunday October 2 – it explained Bacchanalia sought someone for the role, but they would also have to have a basic understanding of Greek and Latin.

The advert read: “WANTED. We’re hiring London’s first grape feeder. Applicants must have; gorgeous hands. A basic grasp of Greek and Latin.

The hilarious ad attracted the attention of many people on Twitter, who debated whether the job was in fact real. It racked up 29 Retweets, 26 Quote Tweets and 159likes. The original Tweeter, journalist Josh Barrie, replied to himself: “Caecilius est in Bacchanalia.”

Caecilius was a character from the Cambridge Latin Course for school pupils, based on Lucius Caecilius Iucundus, who was a banker from Pompeii from around 14 AD to 62 AD. People replied to the Tweet, suggesting they might be good candidates for the job, with one person saying: “I have a gorgeous pair of grape scissors. A gift from @lickedspoon who was horrified when once presented with grapes without them at my dinner table. I have nice hands. Only a couple of age spots.”

Clementine Fletcher, an editor for Bloomberg wrote: “Omg. I have passable hands and a classics degree. Since Tory government roles are out, YES.”

Another replied: “I have lovely hands and an A Level in Latin as well as a GCSE in Ancient Greek. Somehow I don’t think I am what he’s looking for.”

Some speculated over the veracity of the advert, as one confused person asked: “Hang on, is this parody? Serious question.”

food, posh london restaurant is hiring a grape feeder who needs 'gorgeous hands' and to know latin

The restaurant allegedly took out an advert in The Sunday Times

Another helpful Twitter user shared a photo of their Instagram story showing the ad published in The Sunday Times. However, oen user seemed certain it was real, revealing: “The only way I don’t think this isn’t a joke is cos I saw the frontage off Berkeley Sq this weekend.”

Bacchanalia took its name from the unofficial, privately funded popular Roman festivals of Bacchus, based on various ecstatic elements of the Greek God Dionysius. The Greek and Roman counterparts were the Gods of the grape-harvest, winemaking, orchards and fruit, vegetation, fertility, insanity, ritual madness, religious ecstasy, festivity, and theatre in mythology.

The menu will feature Italian and Greek-inspired food, overseen by culinary consultant Athiagoras Kostakos, who will be supported by executive joint chefs Enis Spacho and Theo Zarikakis, according to Big Hospitality. An opening date hasn’t been confirmed, but it’s thought to be opening in the later months of 2022.

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