Presenting Calayan Island

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Presenting Calayan Island

In between Batanes and mainland Luzon is Calayan Island, a remote island blessed with raw and unspoiled artistic creations of nature itself.

Calayan Island is one of the main islands that comprises the Babuyan Island Group. Separated only by Balintang Channel from Batanes, it shares the same features with the Philippines’ northern frontier; and though it is bigger in terms of land area, the island is just a town under the jurisdiction of the Province of Cagayan. Just an island town full of unimaginable spots and corner.

explore, travel, presenting calayan island

Nagudungan Hill and Lighthouse

Distant and isolated, treacherous and beautiful, wild and panoramic. There is no easy way of getting to Calayan Island but the brave and lucky souls who choose to experience the paradise it offers will surely be rewarded with unparalleled experience and unforgettable memories with the island.

Prepare to fall on love with Calayan Island. Its roaring waves, ragged coastline, verdant hills, idyllic beaches, majestic waterfalls and lovely people will give you different definition of paradise.

explore, travel, presenting calayan island

Nagudungan Hill overlooking Sibang Cove

How to Get to Calayan Island

Going to Calayan Island is an adventure in itself and this is true until the construction of its own airport in the village of Dadao is completed. To date, there are two ways of going there – via Claveria and via Aparri, both in Cagayan Province.

Via Claveria

Claveria to Calayan Island

The town of Claveria is the usual jumpoff going to Calayan Island with regular boat departure daily during good weather. A boat usually departs at 6AM from Taggat Port for a 4 to 6-hour journey, fare is P500 per person one-way.

Going to Claveria: Manila to Claveria Direct Bus

Going to Claveria from Manila, catch a Florida or RCJ bus going to Junction Luna from Sampaloc and get off Taggat, Claveria. Fare is P850 per person and travel time is around 12 hours.

Going to Claveria: Flight and  Bus

Alternatively, you may take a flight to Laoag or Tuguegarao.

Via Laoag: Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific fly from Manila to Laoag. At Laoag, catch a direct bus or van to Claveria; or to Abulug, Junction Luna or Tuguegarao and get off at Claveria, travel time is approximately 3 hours and fare is about P120.

Via Tuguegarao: Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific fly from Manila to Tuguegarao. At Tuguegarao, catch a bus or van direct to Claveria; or to Sta. Praxedes, Pagudpud or Laoag and get off at Claveria, travel time is approximately 4 hours and fare is about P150.

explore, travel, presenting calayan island

Taggat Port of Claveria

Where to Stay in Calayan Island

Accommodation in Calayan Island are limited to homestays, inns and lodges. I highly recommend TPS Homestay owned by Mommy Tessie Pimentel Singun, a very endearing person. TPS Homestays offers P200 per person per night accommodation in Poblacion and while in there, do not miss their locally produced Wild Berry Wine.

TPS Homestay

JP Rizal Street, Poblacion, Calayan IslandContact Nos: +63939-9158667 / +63929-8375737
Rate: P200/person

Other accommodations in Calayan Island:

San Jose Inn & Mini Grocery Homestay

J Madella Street, Poblacion, Calayan IslandContact Nos: +63921-5349231
Rate: P200/person

Apollo Beach Resort

Dadao, Calayan IslandContact Nos: +63999-7151283 / +63947-2218744
Rate: Starts at P500/night (2-person sharing)

explore, travel, presenting calayan island

Malansing Falls

Activities in Calayan Island

  • Laze in the beautiful beaches of Sibang Cove, Caniwara Beach, Cababaan Beach, Bassit Cadaratan and the beaches of Dibay and Dilam in northern coast of Calayan Island
  • See the sunrise or the sunset at Nagudungan Hill or Bangaan Hill
  • Charter a boat to take you to Bataraw Falls, Kanaway Cave and Lussok Cave
  • Cliff jump in Lussok or Magsidel
  • Visit Malansing Falls and Cove, Kasaluran Cove and Purao Cove
  • Trek to Caanawan Falls, Cabudadan Falls or Salaminan Falls
  • Go Humpback Whale watching
  • Snorkeling, scuba diving and free diving (bring your own equipment and gear)
  • See the the endemic Calayan Rail at wildlife sanctuary
  • Visit the other main islands of Babuyan Group: Babuyan Claro, Dalupiri and Fuga, Camiguin
  • Trek Smith Volcano of Babuyan Claro

explore, travel, presenting calayan island

Sibang Cove

Calayan Island Itinerary

Day 11500H Assembly in Florida Bus Sampaloc
1600H Bus from Manila to Claveria

Day 20400H Arrive in Claveria / Breakfast / Proceed to Taggat Port0600H Depart for Calayan1200H Arrive Calayan / Lunch / Rest1400H Proceed to Sibang Cove1700H Trek to Nagudungan Hill1900H Back in homestay / wash-up
2000H Dinner

Day 30700H Call Time / Breakfast0900H Boat Tour: Lussok Cave,  Bataraw Falls and Magsidel1700H Back in homestay / wash-up
1900H Dinner

Day 40700H Call Time / Breakfast0800H Boat Tour: Magransing Falls, Caniwara Beach and Cababaan Beach1300H: Lunch at Sibang Cove1400H: Sibang Cove and Nagudungan Hill1700H Back in homestay / wash-up
1900H Dinner

Day 50400H Call time / breakfast / check-out / proceed to port0500H Calayan to Claveria1000H Arrive in Claveria / proceed to Laoag Van Terminal1100H Claveria to Laoag1400H Arrive in Laoag / Late Lunch
1600H Bus: Laoag to Manila

explore, travel, presenting calayan island

Bataraw Falls of Magsidel

Breakdown of Expenses

Particulars Cost
Bus: Sampaloc to Claveria P850/person
Tricycle to Taggat Port P200/trike (4-person sharing)
Boat: Claveria to Calayan P500/person
Calayan Island Environmental Fee P150/person
Trike: Sentro to Nagudungaan Hill or Sibang Cove P300/2-person sharing
Guide Fee P500/guide (6-person sharing)
Boat Tour: Bataraw Falls, Lussok Cave, Magsidel P3000/boat (10-person sharing)
Boat Tour: Magransing Falls,  Caniwara Beach, Cababaan Beach, Sibang Cove P2,500/boat (10-person sharing)
Accommodation in Calayan P200/night
Boat: Calayan to Claveria P500/person
Van: Claveria to Laoag P120/person
Bus: Laoag to Manila P700/person


  • Best months: April and May
  • Mobile signal is available but weak, Smart has better signal
  • Bring cash, no establishment accepts credit card or traveler’s cheque and there’s no ATM in town
  • Sea condition in this part of Luzon is unpredictable and sea travel is usually cancelled during typhoon or monsoon season
  • Calayan Coast Guard Contact No: +63999-9243554

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