Princess Diana Exhibit Now Open In Vegas — How To See It

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Princess Diana Exhibition at Crystals Las VegasPhoto credit: The Vox Agency

More than 700 items marking the life and legacy of Princess Diana are on display at a special exhibit now open to visitors on the Las Vegas Strip.

Princess Diana: A Tribute Exhibition has opened inside The Shops at Crystals, located adjacent to the Aria Resort and Casino. The Shops at Crystals is also hosting the hugely popular Immersive Van Gogh exhibit in an adjacent space.

The Diana exhibit will be open on a long-term, permanent basis in the 10,000-square-foot space. It features numerous outfits worn by Diana, personal items, and other historic artifacts from her time before and during her service as Princess of Wales.

The exhibit has been created by SBX Group, SEE Global Entertainment, and Pink Ribbons Crusade. The latter is a charity group sharing the collection to raise funds for breast cancer research and prevention.

“Diana’s legacy endures to this day,” L. David Dube, president and chairman of SBX Group, said in a release. “Her global impact continues to grow as time passes, whether it’s her incredible fashion sense that has had a timeless influence on style, her trailblazing approach to balancing being a mother first and a global icon second, or her willingness to define inclusiveness with her actions, her outreach, and her personal touch. These qualities have formed this beloved royal person who continues to inspire us today.”

Themed Displays

There are 12 themed rooms in the display, starting with her early life and family life during her time as a member of the royal family. The collection includes three rooms of particular note: one focused on her wedding to then Prince Charles, another on her fashion, and a third memorial titled “Gone Too Soon.”

The wedding room will take visitors back to July 29, 1981, when the royal wedding captured the world’s attention. It will include a recreation of Diana’s wedding gown, considered one of the most famous of all time, by artist and sculptor Isabelle de Borchgrave.

De Borchgrave is considered an expert in the manipulation of paper and paint. In addition to Diana’s gown, de Borchgrave has also recreated the costumes of the bridesmaids and groomsmen.

The wedding room also includes an extensive collection of wedding artifacts.

The fashion icon room holds a collection of some of Diana’s most iconic outfits from designers including Catherine Walker and Gianni Versace. Nine outfits are featured, including eight evening gowns worn at world events and on royal tours.

The room also features 18-inch replicas of dresses she wore (79 dresses are featured) and had auctioned to support some of her favorite charities. That auction took place just 2 months before her death.

The miniature dresses took a team of seamstresses more than 3 years to complete due to the beadwork and embroidery involved.

“Gone Too Soon: A Memorial” will take guests through the somber week of August 31, 1997, starting with her death and the ensuing funeral. It features a recreation of the people’s vigil and a floral installation by the palace gates, reproduced to actual size.

Other rooms will include glimpses into her life as a member of the royal family, a collection of other historical outfits dating from Queen Victoria to Kate Middleton, and more than 500 other items relating to Diana, her children Harry and William, and Queen Elizabeth II.

There will also be a collection of photographs from Anwar Hussein, the longtime photographer of the royal family.

“This new exhibit provides a rare opportunity to admire the artifacts of a true princess,” said Danny Fritz, CEO of SBX Group. “Like never before, it gives a visitor the sense of what it is like to be the world’s most famous royal. We firmly believe this exhibit will be a must-see attraction when visiting Las Vegas.”

Tickets start at $29 for adults, $21 for children, or $85 for a family pass. There are discounts available for Nevada residents, seniors, and members of the military.

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