Puka Beach in Boracay (Story and Guide)

“So here we are. This is Puka Beach.”

Our tour guide told us when we arrived at the second stop of our Boracay Island Hopping tour. First, we did some snorkeling at a spot near the now-demolished West Cove Resort. They said that it’s a famous snorkeling spot on the island, but I wasn’t impressed with what I’ve seen underwater. Sometimes you can’t have it all. Boracay undoubtedly has one of the best beaches in the country and even in the world, but when it comes to its diving spots, there are still more places in the Philippines that have got it way better.

Good thing, Boracay makes up for its beaches. Aside from the famous white beach, Puka Beach is something to experience also. It has a lesser crowd. Not as stunning as the Station 1 beach, but it has a more natural vibe to it, especially the rock formations and the lush forest at the end of the long beach.

explore, travel, puka beach in boracay (story and guide)

Puka Beach is also known for its local name Yapak Beach. Over the years, this was known as Puka because Puka shells abound on the beach’s coarse white sand. It is not as fine as the one at Station 1, but enough to satisfy your longing for that relaxing beach bumming experience.

Before the closure of Boracay in 2018, Puka Beach was filled with many small restaurants and stores lined up on the shore, but with the rehabilitation that was implemented for six months, the beach now has more space for tourists.

My Experience at Puka Beach

Puka has a beauty of its own. Honestly, when you’re at Puka beach, you have nothing to do but just sit or lay on the sand and just relax, which I did.

But you have to understand that I am a travel blogger, I need to take photos. And to my dismay, it was cloudy. Natural sunlight can bring out the best of any beach shot, and without it, the images can be lame, boring. Sadly, the camera couldn’t capture what my eyes can see, all the natural beauty of the place without sunlight.

We’ve only stayed at Puka Beach for almost an hour, so I just have to take photos despite everything.

As a tourist, I am good and satisfied with everything about Puka Beach. I was even inclined to walking along the 800-meter shore to check out some remaining restaurants and shops at the main entrance, but I decided to stay and just enjoy the moment.

explore, travel, puka beach in boracay (story and guide)
explore, travel, puka beach in boracay (story and guide)

As a blogger, I am not at all happy for not getting a good shot of the beach with the sunlight, yet I don’t want to complain. Sometimes you just need to work on what you have and quit b*tching about things that you don’t have control.

I then stood up and just walked. Then for no good reason, an old man just started chatting with me. “You can’t make me do that.” He was pointing to two old ladies goofing around while a teenager was taking their picture. “They’re happy. I brought my sister’s family here. All balikbayan from the US,” he said.

I did try to reply a bit and build some rapport, but d*amn, the old man seems to be ready for a good chat. He said that he is happy with the current state of Boracay. He has been to the island many times in these past decades. He first visited Boracay in the early ’90s, and he was literally in awe of its beauty. You don’t have any idea how descriptive and passionate he was when telling stories. But admittedly, when he was back during early 2010, he was not just happy with what he saw. He was disgusted. The garbage, the enormous structures built near the beach. The moss or algae at the beach, and most of all, people just dumping trash everywhere. People need to be disciplined. “Something has to change,” he said.

Good thing that when he brought his sister’s family, Boracay is already on its way to better rehabilitation and management. “I can see the difference.”

explore, travel, puka beach in boracay (story and guide)
explore, travel, puka beach in boracay (story and guide)
explore, travel, puka beach in boracay (story and guide)

Then, it was time to go back to the boat and off to our next destination, probably to an island. I wasn’t able to get the old man’s name. It was just the usual conversations between travelers merely trying not to get bored and then parting ways without going into a much more in-depth conversation.

By the time we were already on the boat and was about to leave, the sun showed up. One of my fellow bloggers exclaimed, “Jon, the sun! The sun!”

Well, what can I do? At that point, I didn’t feel any sadness or regret that I won’t be able to take pictures with full sunlight. I was just thankful. Thankful that Boracay’s rehabilitation was a success, that it has emerged from its dark past, to claim once again the coveted title of being one of the best beaches in the world.

How to get to Puka Beach in Boracay?

Puka Beach is usually part of the places to explore during the island hopping tours offered in Boracay. CHECK BORACAY ISLAND TOUR 

If you want to go there DIY, If you’re already at Boracay island, you just need to ride a tricycle going to Puka Beach, which is usually priced at Php 100 – Php 150 per ride.

From Manila, you can either take a flight or take a ferry going to Caticlan port. Then, ride a boat going to Boracay Island.

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