“Puno ng Walang Poreber” in Jomalig island

I noticed Victor, our habal-habal driver, was smiling when asked about our next destination.

He just said, “Dun tayo sa puno ng walang poreber.”

“What? Seriously?”

Apparently, he was. There is a tree in Jomalig that is named as “puno ng walang forever.” Hahaha

On the way to the location, I was thinking, asking where did they get this idea? Then I remember, this was popularized by a love team on a TV show. Walang Poreber means that there’s no forever in love. That if you have a better half, you’re gonna break up soon. Hahaha! Too much bitterness, right? I don’t know but the younger generation always use this phrase a lot. So even after the TV show ended, the walang forever mania continued.

After a few minutes, we’ve finally arrived.

In the middle of the vast green land and scenery, is a tree. It looks too lonesome and sad. Maybe that’s the reason why the tree was called, Puno ng walang poreber (A tree of no forever)

I didn’t ask Victor further because by just the look of it, I immediately got it. I already knew the reason how and why they named that tree.

explore, travel, “puno ng walang poreber” in jomalig island

Puno ng walang forever

Although it feels lonely to look at, it’s picturesque.

Eloi immediately made her famous pose. Then she instructed me to lean on the other side of the tree, we held hands and Victor was ready to take a snap! I don’t know but women are very good at this, they can quickly come up with creative ideas when it comes to taking pictures and my girlfriend is a true testament of that. Well, look at our photo!

explore, travel, “puno ng walang poreber” in jomalig island

GUYS, May Forever. hehe

Victor said that they included a visit to this tree as part of the habal-habal tour because of the positive reception of their guests, especially the younger ones.

I asked him how about the older guests, how do they react?

Victor said, nothing. Older people just laugh it all, take a picture then move on. Back to the habal-habal ride and on to our next location, I was thinking , why?

Why do this concept of no forever in love is a hit among younger ones and a no big deal for the older?

Young millennials tend to magnify their emotions. That when they experience a heart-break, it’s heavy and it’s huge for them. It’s so painful that the idea of maybe not finding another love nor finding someone that will truly love them is probably impossible anymore. Or maybe a feeling of being unworthy of a genuine love perhaps.

The thing is if you get older, and you remember all those crying moments of heartache, you’ll just laugh about it.

One thing that millennials should understand is that they’re too young, there’s still a lot of years for them to meet other people and experience a lot of things. It’s not the end of the world, and in time the love that they deserve will come.

Oh man, how did we come up to this topic, just because of a tree? hahaha!

If you want to see and experience this famous tree, plan your trip now to Jomalig island in Quezon.

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