Recipe for 'Egg Bun Steak Sliders' Will Be the Highlight of Any Gathering

food, recipe for 'egg bun steak sliders' will be the highlight of any gathering

We’ll take an order of twelve to go.

Are you a fan of simple yet savory meals? Yes, we’re right there with you. Sometimes the phrase less is more applies to the recipes that hit the spot.

In a TikTok video, content creator @themysteriouschef shares his recipe for Egg Bun Steak Sliders. Yes, someone finally found another use for eggs, and we’re here for it. We’ll take an order of twelve to go.

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We’ve never witnessed someone create steak sliders with eggs as buns. Our minds were blown because people eat steak and eggs often, but not in this way. We love the idea because it helps cut carbs and offers plenty of protein. Plus, watching his cook outside in nature made the experience more memorable. We’re glad to see a cook with a more natural background which includes an adorable dog.

Let’s see how the TikTok viewers responded to this video. User @Jennifer wrote, “Love how he pops awake when the meat starts to sizzle. Lol. Love your videos.” @dolphin revealed, “At first, I was like “where is the dog?!” And then.” @noah said, “This is a revolutionary idea. Perhaps even a culture-changing, influential idea.” @aaronpittruff wrote, “I really enjoy your content, bro.” @BOI GEORGE JACKSON replied, “Pup pup says he’ll take his to go! LOL!” @theboss1738 remarked, “The food is always amazing! It’s the feeding the doggy at the end for me.” @Caleb Corcoran85 disclosed, “You make all that look so easy, so I’m going try to do that in my woods now.”

We’re glad people love this video, especially the outdoorsy essence of it. But if you’re going to follow suit and cook outside, please be cautious. You don’t want to start a fire accidentally. If you enjoyed this video, visit @themysteriouschef’s TikTok channel. You won’t believe the incredible recipes you’ll find.

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