Reddit Is Feeling Serious FOMO Over An Indian Taco Bell

food, reddit is feeling serious fomo over an indian taco bell

Taco Bell sign

It’s easy to think of fast food restaurants as being carbon copies no matter where you go. It’s so bad, Digg even did an exposé on why all fast food restaurants are starting to look alike. Walk into almost any McDonald’s in the western world, and you’ll be greeted by the same golden arches, the same Big Mac meal deals, and the same #1 ranked fast food french fries. This is also true for Burger King, Del Taco, Five Guys, and almost every other fast food franchise. Each will have its signature branding and all the greatest hits ready to be ordered from the menu.

It’s only when you venture outside of the United States that fast food restaurants start to change. Go over to Europe, and you’ll find what “Pulp Fiction” character Vincent Vega was talking about when he said, “It’s the little differences,” regarding variations between Europe and the United States. Continue even further, and you’ll soon discover the differences aren’t so little.

When a Reddit poster found themselves in Hyderabad, India, they naturally went to Taco Bell. Though India is geographically very far from Mexico, there was still plenty of taco tastiness to be had. It just didn’t look the same, nor was the food as expensive as it is in the west.

India’s Taco Bells Show Low Prices Along With An Unusual Look

food, reddit is feeling serious fomo over an indian taco bell

Taco Bell in India

In the film “Demolition Man,” there is a scene in which the protagonist, John Spartan, goes to a fancy dinner after being awakened far into the future. This dinner takes place at a Taco Bell. They eat there because, as Sandra Bullock’s character asserts, “Taco Bell was the only restaurant to survive the franchise wars.” Upon arriving at the Taco Bell of the future, Spartan is greeted by a restaurant that is slick, modern, and upscale. It seems it is this fantastical Taco Bell that might have been the model for the Taco Bell in Hyderabad, India.

Upon seeing the Indian Taco Bell posted on Reddit, many commenters wished they could get to it. Price was one of the major motivating factors. “It’s amazing how much cheaper fast food is in other countries,” said the top-ranked commenter. “I went to a Taco Bell in Costa Rica, and it tasted so much better than American Taco Bell,” they added.

Though the picture shows a sign with some menu items listed, along with their cost, a few people offered some additional price comparisons. “I got a big bell box non vegetarian for 300 rupees. That’s like 3.75 USD,” one said, to which another replied, “That’s like.. 90s prices.”

Indeed, it does seem that in India, a dollar can be stretched far further than in the United States, though it might be good to know why Taco Bell is so cheap.

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