RedDoorz Cubao: A Review of RedDoorz near Araneta Center

I’ve been a customer of RedDoorz for quite some time. I’ve been enjoying the hotel chain’s comfortable and quality experience at an affordable price, just like in the previous stays in Tagaytay. Since then, If ever I need to book for a hotel or a place to stay, I always check RedDoorz.

Just like in the recent times that I was in Cubao, instead of checking the usual hotels, I checked Reddoorz and I’ve found this property that is so cheap – this the RedDoorz near Araneta Cubao Quezon City located at Imperial Street.

True to its name, this is just a walking distance and indeed near the Araneta Center. If you have any business or important events to attend in the area, this property is good for you.

explore, travel, reddoorz cubao: a review of reddoorz near araneta center

From Araneta, you just have to walk a little towards Aurora Boulevard near the Gateway and look for Imperial Street. This is the next road after General Aguinaldo Avenue.

The Check-in Experience

Well, one thing that I’ve realized when I spotted the location is, this is actually part of the Winter Hotel. Probably, one full floor (7th) of Winter Hotel is partnered with Reddoorz.

The lobby is just basic but spacious and clean. The staff is nice and accommodating. They make sure that the check-in process is smooth. They get your ID, check the computer and finalize everything. It was quick.

This is one thing that I notice whenever I book with RedDoorz, the check in is smooth. They will, of course, do the usual security procedure, but it’s fast. Unlike some other hotels, who would make you feel uncomfortable with all their unnecessary questions and requirements.

The Room

Again, with about PHP 635 per night, you shouldn’t expect a 5 Star accommodation, yet at a very affordable price, I got a comfy and nice place to stay overnight. I will share with you at the bottom of this article, how I was able to get this really good deal.

explore, travel, reddoorz cubao: a review of reddoorz near araneta center

If you are going to stay at RedDoorz, there are things that they guarantee for you. These are like the basic requirements of every RedDoorz property or partner, and this property in Cubao was able to meet them all.

The room has spotless clean linen with Reddoorz branding. It has 2 towels and complete toiletries like soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, comb and even cotton buds. They also have two bottled water for you.

explore, travel, reddoorz cubao: a review of reddoorz near araneta center
explore, travel, reddoorz cubao: a review of reddoorz near araneta center

The bathroom is also clean with a bidet. I was able to take a shower and relax after a tiring day.

In case you need to work on something or just wanted to be connected online, they have free WiFi, which is good for me because I still have some blogging duties to finish that time. The room is complete with a TV with ABS-CBN TV Plus Box. CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

So here is the checklist for the Reddoorz requirements. All checked for this property.

  1. Spotless Linen
  2. Free WiFi
  3. Clean Washrooms
  4. Toiletries
  5. Mineral Water
  6. Satellite Television

Well, you can just download the app here – Reddoorz App. Then register, search for the hotels and properties and book. It’s that easy.

How to avail the lowest price on Reddoorz?

Base on my experience, I always get the lowest price for any Reddoorz property by booking with AGODA. Yes, you read it right.

I still don’t know how Agoda can do it but that’s the truth. They always (always) offer the lowest price, even more affordable than the direct Reddoorz booking via website or app.

When you book with Agoda, you will also receive a cashback or what they call AgodaCash which you can use as a huge discount for your future hotel bookings. Sulit!   CHECK ROOM RATES HERE

Overall Experience

I had a great sleep, and I was still able to do some work that night. Thanks to the internet connection.

explore, travel, reddoorz cubao: a review of reddoorz near araneta center

Reddoorz is truly the most affordable hotel chain out there, guaranteeing customers of their good service. I didn’t encounter any problems with my stay, but in case you did, you can easily contact their customer service via chat. Or the hotel staff can directly coordinate with Reddoorz.

So if you have any business meetings or events in the Cubao area, and you need a place to stay that is not going to break your wallet, Reddoorz is for you.