Review of Star Cruises Superstar Virgo: Fit for a Star

Sick of the usual means of transportation on your way to Malacca? Hop aboard Star Cruises Superstar Virgo and you'll never want to travel by road again!

I’ve travelled to Malacca many times. I usually drive and sometimes I take the bus. These modes of transport got me to my destination but they can sometimes be a pain. I really dislike long rides sitting down and being confined to my seat, without any entertainment besides the radio. Reading on the bus is also difficult for me because I get car-sick when the ride gets bumpy.

This time, I went to Malacca on a ship – Star Cruises’ Superstar Virgo. It was such a wonderful experience and I never want to travel on the road again.

Receive superstar treatment

explore, travel, review of star cruises superstar virgo: fit for a star
explore, travel, review of star cruises superstar virgo: fit for a star

The ‘superstar’ in SuperStar Virgo refers to the treatment you will be given on when you travel with them. From the check-in point at Harbourfront Cruise Centre to on board the vessel, it felt like a walk along the red carpet. Crew members were present throughout the walk, greeting and smiling at us, and there were stops along the way for an photo opportunity with mascots and performers.

I was surprised by the grand welcome at the main lobby of the ship. A three-piece band was already serenading us as we enjoyed the drinks served by the staff. The grand welcome then ended with a troupe of dancers putting up an enchanting and professional performance right before my eyes.

explore, travel, review of star cruises superstar virgo: fit for a star

Finally, I took my bag to my cabin – one with a balcony view that would allow me to star gaze at night, watch the sunrise at dawn and simply enjoy the sea breeze at anytime of the day.

Endless entertainment and performances

explore, travel, review of star cruises superstar virgo: fit for a star
explore, travel, review of star cruises superstar virgo: fit for a star

I’d certainly choose to travel by Superstar Virgo for my next trip to Malacca because I know I will never get bored on the cruise ship. The Star Cruises entertainment team has a strong line-up of performances daily till 3am.

One of the shows I caught was Mirage, which was a spectacular magic show by Europe’s top illusionist Vincent Vignaud. The grand stage at the Lido Theatre also allowed for gigantic props, magnificent dancing, juggling acts, and fire displays as part of the show.

Adult-only performances may also be available. There’s Nikita, for example, where you get to witness sexy strip and pole dances!

Restaurants serving delicious food (for free!)

explore, travel, review of star cruises superstar virgo: fit for a star

You can enjoy six meals a day at several restaurants on the cruise at no additional cost. However, if you prefer something fancier, there are other restaurants where you can have an even grander meal by paying a reasonable fee.

The best meal I had has to be the dinner at Pavilion Restaurant. The doubled boiled chicken soup went down a treat and the baked Cod fish with egg white was one of the best cods I have ever had. Dessert was mango cream pomelo with vanilla ice cream and it rounded up the dinner very well. I left feeling really satisfied.

For drinks at night, I visited the Taverna, where I got a good view of the pool. Around the pool, a band was performing and the performance was followed by a very casual dance session led by the crew. All the other patrons joined in spontaneously and it felt like the Mambo Night in  clubs, but without drunk teenagers causing a scene. It seemed like such good  fun that even I – someone who doesn’t really dance – felt compelled to sway along to the music.

Never a dull moment

If you still have energy for more, you can browse the Star Navigator, a daily newsletter listing the programmes available for the day. Sometimes you’ll realise that there’s an ice cream buffet happening later, or an art lesson for children. Still bored? You can check out the arcade to fight some monsters! Visit the spa and let the professionals soothe your aching muscles.

I really recommend going on a cruise for your next holiday. Even though it was only a trip to Malacca, I was glad because it was a real holiday – everything was taken care of and I felt really pampered on the cruise.

If you have not had any cruise experience, you should start planning for your exclusive cruise experience. It’s one of those things we need to strike off our bucket list!

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