Roll Back With These Thanksgiving Savings

Thanksgiving is only three weeks away, and I know you guys are not ready. I have just settled on my menu, but I have absolutely nothing in my fridge. Shopping for the holidays can get expensive, so I know you all are looking for Thanksgiving meal deals. And lucky for you lots of stores are prepared. If you follow along, you’ll learn which stores are rolling back with these thanksgiving savings. frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen> Aldi Aldi’s was all over the news a few days ago. They have decided to roll back all of their Thanksgiving prices to what they were in 2019. They are doing this in the hopes that families can gather around the Thanksgiving table and enjoy a home-cooked meal without breaking the bank. The store is promising up to 30% off of your favorite holiday meal essentials from now until November 29th. Walmart Walmart is taking a page from Aldi‘s book. Today, they just announced that they were rolling back prices as well. They, like Aldi, want people to dine in rather than out, so they are going back to pre-inflation prices. They want you to get a Walmart thanksgiving basket at last year’s price. The deal includes turkeys for under one dollar a pound, mashed potatoes, and other traditional trimmings and sides. It’s a deal you don’t want to miss and runs now until December 26th. Other Offers Other stores are offering deals that you should look into as well. Right now, get turkeys for under $.49 a pound at Publix. That is a grade-A deal! Alongside that, many of your favorite side dishes and ingredients are on BOGO this week. Additionally, Lidl has a special offer on their holiday meal baskets. They feed up to ten people and cost under $30. The basket includes a 13-lb turkey, veggies, stuffing mix, sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie ingredients, and more. If your family wants to eat in, instead of out on Thanksgiving, take advantage of these rollbacks of Thanksgiving savings. Read More Save Up For The Holidays Holiday Season Budgeting Tricks How To Reduce Meat Consumption To Save Money

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