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Royal Canadian Legion takes a 'green' approach to poppies this Remembrance Day

November is a windy month, and having to buy a new poppy because your first one blew off is a Canadian tradition at this point.

The Royal Canadian Legion distributes over 20 million poppies every year, and for the first time new biodegradable ones will be in the mix.

Legion communications representative, Nujma Bond, tells The Weather Network they’re now being made with a mixture of paper and cotton velvet, as opposed to the traditional plastic and felt ones we’re used to getting.

“We really wanted to reduce our environmental footprint and create a way for people to still remember with the iconic symbol that they know and are used to—the beautiful red poppy—but also know that when they’re wearing one whether [this year or] use it for the next year, or dispose of it, respectfully, that it will be biodegradable,” said Bond.

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Side-by-side comparison of the traditional poppy (left) and the biodegradable poppy (right). (Nathan Coleman/The Weather Network)

If you don’t get one this year, however, it’s because the Royal Canadian Legion has to go through their old stock of plastic poppies before they’re completely replaced by their biodegradable counterparts. Biodegradable wreaths are also available, which are constrcuted of moss and bamboo.

To learn more about this new environmentally friendly take on poppies, watch the video above.

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