SA ranks third in the world for alcohol consumption. Does this need to change?

Clarence Ford spoke to innovation director at DGMT, Onesisa Mtwa, about what this bill will mean for the country.

    The amendments to the bill include raising the drinking age and changing advertising regulations.

    Mtwa said we do have problems with heavy drinking in South Africa.

food, sa ranks third in the world for alcohol consumption. does this need to change?

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Mtwa said that she believes this bill is long overdue as South Africa does have a problem with heavy episodic drinking.

We are presently third in the world in terms of alcohol consumption per capita. Considering that less than half of our population consumes alcohol, the part of the population that does, drinks heavily.

Onesisa Mtwa, innovation director at DGMT

In addition to the harm the heavy drinking does to individuals, she said heavy drinking costs the state a fortune annually in health services and the costs of road accidents.

The new liquor act would have new regulations that can be monitored in order to start reshaping our drinking habits.

Some of these regulations would include restrictions on advertising and raising the legal drinking age to 21.

Mtwa said it is a good thing that this bill is going back to Parliament because there does need to be the investment of multiple government institutions if we are to see the necessary change.

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