Safari In Jakarta: A Guide For A Seamless Travel Experience In Indonesia

Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, is a city of global repute due to its several attributes. It is the largest city of Indonesia and the centre of the nation’s economy, culture and politics that equally leaves a major impact on the rest Asian markets. At 6,392 square kilometres, Jakarta is the second most populous urban region in the world, second only to Tokyo in Japan.

Besides economic prosperity and serving as the political hub of the region, Safari in Jakarta gives it unique yet distinguished identity. Indeed, safari in Jakarta, Indonesia leaves an imprinting impact on travellers due to being the largest attraction apart from the hordes of tourists visiting Indonesia for the cultural and religious tourism purposes.

Of late, there has been a steady increase in the number of tourists from all over the world to Jakarta. The ancient temples apart, Indonesia has some of the best safaris in Jakarta that has been well propagated by the government. As the gateway of Indonesia, Jakarta often serves as a stop-over for the foreign visitors to enjoy the night safari in Jakarta on their way to other Indonesian tourist destinations such as Bali, Lombok, Komodo Island and Yogyakarta et al.

5 Places For Safari In Jakarta

Jungle safari in Jakarta is an experience to be savoured at least once in a lifetime. Don’t miss the excitement and head towards Jakarta for your once-in-a-lifetime experience and visit the safari locations mentioned below!

1. Puncak Highland

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Located at a distance of 68 km from Jakarta, the Puncak Highland is a famous tourist place for outing, gathering camping to adventure ecology and nature tourism activities. The spot is the best safari in Jakarta giving the tourists value for their money.

The mountainous areas offer you a very much relaxing outing option with its scenic beauty spreading over thousands of acres of lush green lands. It is also famous for camping and trekking purposes. Of special mention is the vast tea gardens which are a total retreat for the tourists. The safari park with all its glittering attractions can consume a full day and fill the tourists with a memorable experience to cherish.

How To Reach Puncak Highland: It is a two-hour drive from Jakarta towards the southern end of the Bogor district. Regular bus services are available or alternatively, tourists can hire a cab either one way or to and fro

2. Taman Safari

explore, travel, indonesia, jakarta, safari in jakarta: a guide for a seamless travel experience in indonesia

With the soaring Mount Salak as its backdrop, the Taman Safari at the Bogor city is a treat to watch and experience the diverse range of flora and fauna. Spread over a sprawling 87 hectares of land, the Bogor Botanical Garden is home for upwards of 5,000 tree species gathered from across the world including 400 palm species. It is considered a great safari in Jakarta, Indonesia, never to be missed.

How To Reach Taman Safari: From Jakarta, it is about an hour by road. Chauffeur driven cars are easily available there. Choose a weekday to drive to this spectacular place to savour the bountiful nature on the way. It is common for the weekends to be crowded

3. Rinca Island

explore, travel, indonesia, jakarta, safari in jakarta: a guide for a seamless travel experience in indonesia

Also known as the Rindja Island, it is near the famous Komodo Island and is famed for the Komodo dragons, giant lizards apart from the wild pigs, buffalos and several species of birds. The Komodo dragon attracts thousands of tourists each year. Treks on the Rinca Island start from the ticket office at Loh Buaya.

It has three different trails and the shortest takes 30 minutes to complete. It is an easy, shaded walk that passes an artificial waterhole before ascending to a small hill with a view over the bay. The one-hour medium trek winds between dragon nests and out into the sunshine across an exposed savannah that is studded with the lontar palms.

For the best opportunity to see dragons and their prey, choose the two-hour trek past a permanent waterhole and across steep, exposed slopes that can offer you the breathtaking views.

How To Get To Rinca Islands: You can catch a flight to Labuan Bajo Airport, also known as Komodo Airport, from both Bali and Jakarta for between $120-180USD on Garuda Indonesia, Lion Air, Batik and Nam Air (check for the latest deals) – with multiple other routes offering connecting flights. From the airport, a taxi to the town is a 10-minute drive

4. Lake Sano

explore, travel, indonesia, jakarta, safari in jakarta: a guide for a seamless travel experience in indonesia

Located at an altitude of 757 meters above the mean Sea level, the Sano Nggoang is one of the largest volcanic lakes in the eastern part of Indonesia. Sano Nggoang Crater Lake is located approximately 35 km east of Labuan Bajo. With depths of up to 500m, it is said to be among the world’s deepest crater lakes. It is a haven for the rare species of flora and fauna. Enthusiastic bird watchers and nature lovers should make sure to bring along their binoculars.

Besides the birds, there is an abundance of attractive flora and fauna that can be spotted in this area. It offers nature tourism attractions and activities from hiking to bird watching, swimming, or simply relaxing in the natural hot spring. There, you can go for excellent short or longer self-guided walks around the lake, passing the surrounding hills.

How To Reach Lake Sano: Depending on your budget and time availability, you can choose from the two alternatives of flying or going by water to Sano Lake from Jakarta. The flight duration is 90 minutes and daily flights are available from Jakarta

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