Satti of Zamboanga

It was about 8 o’clock in the morning when we arrived in Zamboanga Airport.

I was lucky to be invited and be part of this press trip organized by the Department of Tourism Region 9 Office for the Savores 2017, an annual celebration of food and flavors of Zamboanga that showcases its unique and diverse culture.

After the warm welcome by the staff, they said they are going to bring us to a place where some Zamboanguenos (or Chavacano) eat breakfast and with a truly authentic dish. After just about 15-minute land travel we reached this small eatery located at Pilar Street, Zamboanga City. It’s Johnny’s  Morning Sun Satti!

Just outside the place, an intriguing dish is served. It will definitely catch your attention because of its bright orange color. It’s actually the sauce. A bowl full of hot sauce with chicken meat and beef in it. Sticky rice wrapped with banana leaves or for Cebuanos it’s puso is also mixed with meat.

explore, travel, satti of zamboanga
explore, travel, satti of zamboanga

It’s Satti, an authentic dish in Zamboanga that has a diverse history and influence from its surrounding islands with Muslim traditions.

This has some quite similarities with Malaysia’s Satay. The same grilled beef or chicken but the difference is the sauce. They use peanut sauce and it’s separate from the meat, unlike for Satti which is all are mixed into one plate overflowing with hot sauce.

Let’s taste Satti

It’s spicy and a little bit sweet. But it’s actually more on the spicy side, too spicy that it can sometimes make you cough a bit. You know that feeling when you tasted a dish that has too much pepper on it that it makes your throat itchy. Hahaha!

But it’s good, especially when mixed chicken barbeque. I also tried the beef stew but I liked the chicken more. With a bowl of overflowing sauce, you need a bigger dish like chicken to complement more with the sauce and it also helps that you have the rice (puso).

This is also perfect if paired with other delicacies of Zamboanga like the lokot-lokot (a delicacy made of rice flour)  and some bread and pastries. Since there is still a lot of sauce left on my plate, having these pieces of bread helped in balancing the taste as I emptied my plate.

explore, travel, satti of zamboanga

Aside from Satti, I was able to taste a lot more food in Zamboanga like Curacha and some Sulu pastries. But I can say that Satti is one dish that truly made an impression. It’s one of the few things that comes to my mind when I hear Zamboanga. So if you’re planning to travel to Zamboanga, don’t miss this dish.

Want to know more about Satti? Watch this video of Kulas of Becoming Filipino (super apir kay idol!) This is also at Johnny’s, the same Satti House we visited.

Satti is a popular breakfast dish. Most Zamboanguenos start their day with a plate of Satti, so trying this when you travel to Zamboanga is a nice way to experience and get a glimpse of  how locals way of life.

Eating Satti in the morning will definitely spice up your morning! A must try!

explore, travel, satti of zamboanga

Johnny’s Morning Satti
Address: Pilar St, Zamboanga, Zamboanga City

Note: Thank you to DOT Region 9 for the invite. I truly enjoyed my stay in Zamboanga.