Scuba Diving In Beirut: Best Places To Revive Your Soul In This Beautiful Capital!

Beirut is a popular tourist destination in the Middle East. The largest city and commercial hub of Lebanon, this capital city in the Middle East is perfectly situated on the Mediterranean coast of Lebanon. Tourists from Europe, Africa and different places in Asia are a short plane ride away from Beirut which makes it convenient for the tourists to visit this area.

There have been many different tourist activities like outdoor sports, beach and coastal activities, shopping malls, restaurants and cafes that have been promoted in Lebanon to attract tourists. Beirut is a coastal city and tourists and locals can enjoy many beach activities like scuba diving and other such activities.

Why Go For Scuba Diving In Beirut?

explore, travel, things to do, scuba diving in beirut: best places to revive your soul in this beautiful capital!

Scuba diving is popular in coastal cities all over the world. In Beirut, scuba diving is very popular with locals as well as tourists as Beirut is on the Mediterranean coast. The Mediterranean Sea is known as one of the most beautiful seas with a pristine coastline and a great area for scuba diving. Scuba diving is a great outdoor adventure which many tourists opt for while visiting Beirut.

3 Best Places For Scuba Diving In Beirut

1. Calypso Diving Center

explore, travel, things to do, scuba diving in beirut: best places to revive your soul in this beautiful capital!

Calypso Diving Center was founded in 2002 and since then it a premier scuba diving destination not just in Beirut but in Lebanon in general. It is a popular scuba diving destination with tourists and locals alike. The coast of Lebanon has a long, rich and diverse marine biology and also has a famous shipwreck for the divers to explore.
The Calypso diving center is located in the famous Raouche area of Beirut at the Movenpick Hotel in the area. While diving off the coast of Beirut divers can witness fabulous marine life and scuba diving on the coast is a lovely way to spend the day in Beirut. The Calypso Diving Center is open 7 days a week and tourists should definitely try to put this in their itinerary.

2. National Institute of Scuba Diving

explore, travel, things to do, scuba diving in beirut: best places to revive your soul in this beautiful capital!

National Institute of Scuba Diving is one of the oldest diving schools in Beirut that started in the early 1980’s. The NISD is located in the center of Beirut and this location has great access to major diving sites on the coast of Beirut. Major diving sites include Shark Point, Sting Ray Reef, Anchor City, Riviera Caves, and shipwrecks of Macedonia, Alice B, and the HMS Victoria. The institute offers recreational diving courses, technical diving courses, and rebreather courses. Scuba diving needs a little training and at institutes like the NISD, the scuba diving experts give proper guidelines to tourists and locals who want to scuba dive and to ensure top quality scuba diving equipment for their customers. Tourists can see reefs, marine life like stingrays, colorful fish and also shipwrecks off the coast of the city.

3. Abyss Diving Club

explore, travel, things to do, scuba diving in beirut: best places to revive your soul in this beautiful capital!

Another diving club in Beirut popular with tourists and locals is the Abyss Diving Club. This diving center also includes training for underwater diving which includes open water courses and advanced open water courses. The diving club has expert staff and high quality equipment that helps to easily breathe underwater. This part of the world has a large history which is showcased even underwater. There are many well preserved historic sites that divers can explore underwater.

Beirut is slowly but surely becoming a top destination for scuba divers to visit in the Middle East. Beirut is a tourism hub in the area and the largest city in Beirut. Scuba diving with the entire family or with a group of friends in Beirut is an excellent experience and a fun event. So, plan a trip to Middle East With TravelTriangle, head to Beirut and indulge in the fun!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Scuba Diving In Beirut

Is the Beirut a good place for diving?

Beirut is located on the Mediterranean coast and has the most pristine shores and crystal clear waters with rich aquatic life making it an ideal place for scuba diving.

Is scuba diving in the Beirut safe for first-timers?

Yes. You can find scuba diving in Beirut absolutely safe even for first-timers but make sure you have a trained professional to guide you with it.

What to do in Beirut?

Some of the most incredible things to do in Beirut are: 1. Check Out Rock Formations at Raouche 2. Explore the Beit Ed Dine Palace 3. Try some local wine 4. Take a road trip to Byblos
5. Enjoy the nightlife of Mar Mikhael

Is certification necessary for scuba diving in the Beirut?

Having a certification is not mandatory for scuba diving in Beirut but its always better to have a certification in order to have proper knowledge about scuba diving.

How much does scuba diving cost in the Beirut?

Scuba diving in Beirut can cost you anything between INR 2500 and INR 33000 per person depending on your experience level and the type of water.

Which is the best place for scuba diving in Beirut?

Some of the best spots for scuba diving in Beirut are: 1. AUB Canyon 2. Shark Point 3. The “Souffleur” 4. The “Macedonia”
5. The Tunnels

Which is the best time to visit Beirut?

The summer months between July and September are the peak season for tourists in Beirut, but if you wish to enjoy fewer crowds and pleasant climate, the autumn months of September to November is perfect for all sorts of activities and water sports.

Can pregnant women scuba dive?

It is highly advised for women to avoid water sports such as snorkeling and scuba diving during their pregnancy.

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