Scuba Diving In Langkawi: 6 Outstanding Spots For An Adventurous Vacation In 2022!

Langkawi, the land of pristine beaches and natural landscapes is one of the popular spots on everyone’s travel itinerary. Along with offering some of the most popular beach destinations, it also offers a large number of diving opportunities. The island is one of the most important hubs of varied water sports and scuba diving is one of them. Scuba diving sites in Langkawi offers the liberty for everybody to enjoy, irrespective of the knowledge proficiency. The simplicity of the arrangement and setup for the activities here make the destination an ideal place for a number of advanced and amateur enthusiasts. Let us explore some of the best spots for enjoying scuba diving in Langkawi.

About Scuba Diving In Langkawi

explore, travel, scuba diving, scuba diving in langkawi: 6 outstanding spots for an adventurous vacation in 2022!

Scuba diving is one of the major attractions for tourists visiting Pulau Payar Marine Park in Langkawi. The most popular spots are located at the Pulau Payar Marine Park which is a cluster of a number of islands. The operators usually approach tourists on the ferry to know their interest and needs. If you are interested, the operators offer a one on one guide to the enthusiasts. Offering a diverse population of barracudas, snappers and cod, the Pulau Payar is heaven for the diving enthusiasts. You can also attain a diving tour that is held for a duration of about two hours and performs the dives in four distinct islands. While enjoying this activity, spot colourful fish and corals and make it a moment to cherish.

It takes an hour to reach the park by boat from the town of Kuah. A number of boat tours operate from the beautiful town and offer full day excursions on the park. The tours include a number of snorkelling and scuba diving packages. Tourists who choose a diving package can go for one or two dives a day. The package usually comprises two dives. Apart from day dives, the organizers can also arrange a night drive for you. The night drive is one of the most stunning experiences that involve driving at night that is a moment to cherish for a lifetime.

6 Spots For Scuba Diving In Langkawi

All travelers who are passionate about scuba diving, Langkawi is a paradise for you. Here is the list of best spots for scuba diving in Langkawi that you ought to visit on your vacation!

1. House Reef Dive Site

explore, travel, scuba diving, scuba diving in langkawi: 6 outstanding spots for an adventurous vacation in 2022!

This is a reef site surrounding the beautiful Pulau Payar Island. The depth of the island tends to vary from 15 to 18 metres. With a visibility around 10 to 20 metres, the diving site is usually visited frequently by Mustafa, a popular resident giant barracuda, a famous species among the divers. The divers are also likely to meet Toby, a large grouper who has a shy nature and tends to hide the moment he witnesses a visitor. Along with these exclusive species, visitors can also spot a number of fishes that includes rabbit fish, moray eels, angel fish, puffer fish, butterfly fish, clownfish, lion wish and so on. Indulge into one of the most breathtaking experiences while diving on the site offering exclusive marine creatures such as mantis prawn, seahorse, sandy bottom, and ghost pipefish and others.

Price: $70-90
Duration: 90 minutes

2. Coral Garden Dive Site

explore, travel, scuba diving, scuba diving in langkawi: 6 outstanding spots for an adventurous vacation in 2022!

Boasting one of the finest most sought after dive sites, Coral Garden Dive Site is located near the southern part of Payar Island. At a distance of 5 minutes from the Payar Island to the site, the diving sites offer mesmerizing white, purple and blue coloured soft corals. A large variety of soft corals are present in the site that offers Dendronephthya in addition to branching tree corals and a lot more. The divers are bound to witness a large number of vibrant beds of corals and with an extravagant marine life population. Divers are likely to view giant groupers, banner fish, snappers, moon wrasse, angelfish, jelly fish and so on. Count your blessings if you come across a box fish or a giant cod. As the divers tend to go down the sandy bottom, you can experience the best view of Garden of Eden. With an average depth of about 15 metres, divers can experience a usual water visibility of 10 meters; however can even increase to that of 20 metres.

Price: $25-30
Duration: 45 minutes

3. Grouper Farm Dive Site

explore, travel, scuba diving, scuba diving in langkawi: 6 outstanding spots for an adventurous vacation in 2022!

This is another popular dive site that is located right beside Coral Garden, situated near to the southern end of Payar Island. As visible from the name, divers usually come here to witness a large school of giant groupers. Offering a home to barracudas and snappers, the reef site is completely covered with hard corals and can be explored to a depth of 15 metres. You will find a number of small fishes schooling together in order to protect one another from the large fish. The water is very calm and an absence of current makes the diving site an ideal spot for divers.

Price: starts at $25
Duration: 40-60 minutes

4. Kaca Sunken Boat Wrecks Dive Site

explore, travel, scuba diving, scuba diving in langkawi: 6 outstanding spots for an adventurous vacation in 2022!

A small island, Kaca located east of Payar offers one of the most popular diving sites. This is the only site that offers divers to enjoy a flavour of wreck diving. The site has wrecks of a number of fishing boats which were initially confiscated by the policing authorities of the zone and has eventually sunk here. The marine park is a protected area and the wrecks are covered with hard corals. This is where you will also witness boulder corals, branching tree corals, stony corals and others that have created a layer on the sunken wrecks, giving a look that resembles artificial reef. Offering a site that is home to black tipped sharks, snappers and barracudas, divers can spot a number of marine animals.

Price: 20$-25$
Duration: 30 minutes

5. Lembu Rocks Dive Site

explore, travel, scuba diving, scuba diving in langkawi: 6 outstanding spots for an adventurous vacation in 2022!

Lembu rocks are located in the vicinity of Lembu Island and are located east of Payar Island. Located at a distance of about 7 minutes from the Marine Park Beach area, the dive site offers a number of groupers along with puffer fish and moray eels. The dive site is meant for both beginners and experienced individuals looking to experience the best time of their life.

Price: $25
Duration: 45-60 minutes

6. Pulau Segantang Dive Site

explore, travel, scuba diving, scuba diving in langkawi: 6 outstanding spots for an adventurous vacation in 2022!

Segantang Island is located 12km west of Payar Island. Situated at a distance of 20 minutes from the Marine Park Beach, the dive is meant for only experienced divers looking for exploring larger fish thriving in deeper waters. Two distinct large rocky outcrops go down in order to reach a sandy bottom at a depth of 20 metres. Divers are bound to find a school of reef sharks, barracudas, leopard sharks, jacks and varied other sea anemones. The deeper water will offer whip corals and black corals for the experienced divers.

Price: $95
Duration: 60-90 minutes

We hope that this list of spots for scuba diving in Langkawi could suffice you of all the queries. Offering varied diving sites, Langkawi Island is one of the best places to visit and try scuba diving.. The sites also offer diving schools enabling beginners to acquire an experienced knowledge of the activity and perform it without fear. So, plan your vacation in Langkawi and get ready to have a blast on your trip!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Scuba Diving In Langkawi

What is the best time to visit Langkawi for scuba diving?

As scuba diving is a water sport and hence dry season serves as the ideal time for practicing the sport. The best season comprises the months of November to March as this is when the visibility is the best.

How long do the scuba diving sessions last for?

Each session of scuba diving lasts for about 45-90 minutes and is performed only under the supervision of trained professionals. The scuba diving masters usually accompany the tourists underwater and ensure safety.

Is Langkawi good for scuba diving?

Yes, Langkawi is very good for scuba diving as it offers a number of diving sites on the popular Palau Payar Marine Park. An island is also a good place for inexperienced divers as it does not offer any shallow and current reef.

What are the popular diving schools in Langkawi?

The popular diving schools in Langkawi include Langkawi Scuba, Scuba Club Langkawi, Langkawi coral, Big Brother Dive Centre and so on.

Do I need a professional certificate for diving in Langkawi?

No, you do not need a professional certificate to dive in Langkawi, however, if diving interests you, enroll yourself in a diving class in Langkawi.

What are the marine species that can be spotted during diving in Langkawi?

Divers can spot a number of marine species while scuba diving in Langkawi such as lionfishes, clownfish, angelfish, butterflyfish, white cods, lobsters, turtles, jellyfish, bannerfish and several kinds of corals.

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