SEAT Sends Guinness World Record-Setting Mo 125 E-Scooter To EICMA

The little scoot nabbed two world records in the span of 48 hours.

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Most bikes roll onto the EICMA floor with carefully-crafted bodywork and an impressive spec sheet. SEAT’s Mo 125 electric scooter may tick those boxes, but it will also storm the Fiera Milano Rho floor with two Guinness World Records in tow.

Prior to the 79th iteration of the trade show, the Spanish manufacturer took to the country’s Zuera International Circuit in Zaragosa. Consisting of SEAT R&D department member Ivo Viscasillas, journalist Judit Florensa, and the riders Cristian Marín, Miquel Viñola, and Jordi Gené, the five-person team broke the 24-hour relay record by clocking over 1,430 kilometers (888 miles) aboard the Mo 125.

Each rider piloted the e-scooter for 50-minute periods. During each rider changeover, SEAT staff helped install a fresh battery, not only illustrating the model’s removable battery technology but also its reliability. SEAT wasn’t satisfied with just one Guinness World Record to its name, though.

auto, autos, car, cars, seat sends guinness world record-setting mo 125 e-scooter to eicma

The very next day, Italian journalist Valerio Boni tackled the Zaragosa race track for another 24 hours aboard the same Mo 125 unit. Without the help of teammates, Boni pulled in for battery swaps every hour while taking the occasional 40-minute break. All in all, the solo rider covered 1,158 kilometers (720 miles), securing yet another world record for the Spanish OEM.

“These two Guinness World Records demonstrate the reliability of electric technology and specifically of the SEAT Mo 125 performance, which we will soon be presenting at EICMA” explained SEAT Mo Managing Director Lucas Casasnovas. “We will be attending this major two-wheeler event for the first time with great optimism, after having achieved a milestone which had never before been achieved by an electric scooter.”

In its natural state, the SEAT Mo 125 touts an 85-mile range and a 95 kph (60 mph) top speed. Users can remove the battery for easy charging options and the unit fully recharges in 6-8 hours. Bluetooth connectivity also unlocks keyless operation as well as online notifications like battery level and vehicle tracking.

This may be SEAT’s first visit to EICMA but it will arrive in style.

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