See your favorite K-pop stars with this special package on Klook!

Hurry, fangirls and boys! This is your chance to see some of the most iconic idols and idol groups of today. Get your tickets here, ASAP! 🥹

We know how excited you are, but first things first: check out these South Korea travel restrictions and requirements before booking your flight and adding this event to your itinerary!

South Korea is a dream destination for many because of its food, culture, attractions, dramas, and music. Among those many reasons, one thing that seems to be the country’s highlight is the K-pop world — idols who can sing, dance, act, and even be comedians on variety and reality shows. The talents and character shown by K-pop idols steal the hearts of many, and it’s becoming harder and harder to secure tickets to their concerts. So, if you thought that you’d never see your favorite idols face-to-face, you thought wrong. We’re your travel buddy and we’re here with a special promotion to get you a step closer to one of your fan dreams. Curious? Let’s get on with it, then!

What is this special promotion on Klook?

See your favorite K-pop stars with this special package on Klook!, Seoul, South Korea

It’s an amusement park and concert ticket all in one! This Lotte World Daily Pass + Seoul Festa Opening Concert 2022 will give you an all-day pass to one of South Korea’s most famous theme parks so you can have a day full of thrill, fun, snacks, and souvenirs! After exploring all the wonders inside the theme park during the day, you can already head on to the Seoul Festa Opening Concert to see your idols by night!

What can I do at Lotte World in South Korea?

See your favorite K-pop stars with this special package on Klook!, Seoul, South Korea

A couple of things — take on some rides, try some theme park snacks, and buy souvenirs!

If you’re not sure what to ride first, we’ve got you covered with some that you simply can’t miss: The Conquistador, World Monorail, French Revolution, VR SPace, and Flume Ride all in the Lotte World Adventure area in the park. There are also these rides in the Magic Island area: Bungee, Gyro Spin, Gyro Drop, Gyro Swing, and Comet Express.

Feeling hungry or just want to rest for a bit? There are restaurants and snack bars in the park like Steff Hotdog for traditional European hotdogs, Twosome Place for coffee and pastries, Ice Factory for popsicles made of natural ingredients, and Jumak for traditional Korean food!

After grabbing a bite, you can also explore their many souvenir stores so you have something to keep or give away: balloons from Toy Plus, character toys from Castle Cart, packed cookies and candies from Fantasy Gift Shop, and even a caricature of yourself from STAR SHOP Caricature.

What is Seoul Festa 2022?

Seoul Festa is a five-day event (10-14 Aug 2022) showcasing all of Seoul’s pride and charms in different types of events including Seoul E-Prix (electric car race), Seoul Shopping Festa, K-pop Concert, EDM festival, and Korea Grand Sale.

Where will Seoul Festa 2022 be held?

All events for the Festa will be held at Jamsil Sports Complex. The opening concert will be on 10 Aug 2022 from 19:50-21:50 KST.

Address: 25 Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Who will I see at the Seoul Festa Opening Concert?

Here comes the fun part! But before going into the list of idols, why don’t we start by introducing the event’s hosts first? Two famous idol actors will be hosting the Seoul Festa Opening Concert — ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo and Gugudan’s Kim Se Jeong! 😍Following the cool set of hosts are the performers of the concert. See the list of idols and idol groups below and their hit songs just to give you a boost:

    PSY: Gangnam Style, That That (prod. & feat. SUGA of BTS), Gentleman

    NCT DREAM: Hot Sauce, Hello Future, Beatbox

    Stray Kids: God’s Menu, Thunderous, MANIAC

    ENHYPEN: Polaroid Love, Drunk-Dazed, FEVER

    Rain: Rainism, Switch to me (duet with JYP), Summer Taste

    NMIXX: O.O, Hey Gabby!, TANK

    THE BOYZ: REVEAL, The Stealer, Sweet

    LE SSERAFIM: FEARLESS, Sour Grapes, Blue Flame

    NATURE: Girls, I’m So Pretty, OOPSIE (My Bad)

    VERIVERY: My Beauty, Lay Back, Get Away

    Weki Meki: Siesta, Crush, Picky Picky

    Tiger JK & Yoon Mirae & Bizzy: Buckubucku (feat. EE, Rap Monster of BTS, Dino-J), Angel, Clap

    Forestella: Hijo De La Luna, Words From The Wind, Nella Fantasia

This lineup is too star-studded for you to miss! Grab your tickets on Klook and have the concert of your life!

Is it worth it?

Yes! It’s definitely worth it because you get to experience the famous Lotte World and at the same time, see several idols in one place, all at one price! This kind of opportunity doesn’t come quite so often but we’re always working on making things possible for you so you can live and experience moments of joy during your travels!

Important Reminder: There are only 390 seats available so grab yours while stocks last!

Now that you have an idea of what this special package is, all you have to do now is to book your flight to South Korea and add this event to your itinerary marked as “Lotte World + Seoul Festa Opening Concert Day.” While this event is something that can be enjoyed alone if that’s your preference, we highly suggest that you enjoy and experience this special promo with your chingus! See you in Seoul! ✈️

Klook Tip: Don’t forget to bring your lightstick to show full support to your favorite idols and idol groups!