Service centre asking me to pay 50% cost to replace a part under recall

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We have a 2017 Maruti Baleno and we’re being asked to pay Rs 9,595 for the part since our car is no longer under warranty.

BHPian his-xc-lnc recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Dear all,

My father owns a 2017 Baleno, and we have had this issue now for a long. Surprisingly, even after regularly getting serviced at MASS, we were never informed of the same. In one instance, when I complained about it, I was told to get an out-of-workshop settlement for a lesser amount. I walked away.

Recently, I came across the recall/problem notice and informed about it to MASS. They said we will write to our superior as the car is out of warranty. I said it’s your incompetent behavior due to which the car is out of warranty. Nonetheless, please demand and lemme know the outcome.

I received a call today mentioning the item cost to be 19,190/- and have been informed that since the car is out of warranty, I will have to bear 50 percent of the cost which is 9,595/-.

Now as per my understanding, nobody would be showing goodwill to me. And since the item is faulty and they have acknowledged it now, it needs to be replaced. So why are they charging me 50%? I mean no harm in taking the burden of 50%, but why do reputed companies like MSIL have such a disconnect with dealers? Or maybe they have no control over dealing with dealers.

Has anyone else faced such an issue? Any suggestions for the same? I have already written to RSM and TSM. Is it the company policy to redeem 50% post out-of-warranty? The letter does not mention the same. In the end, why has it been left to the user to fight his way out? Seriously, it’s the same with TASS too. All the more reason to migrate to brands like Toyota and Honda.

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