Shimla Summer Festival: An Extravaganza For A Vibrant And Festive Atmosphere In 2022

Shimla, the capital of Himachal Pradesh is also known as “The Queen of The Hills”. Tourists come here from all over the world to this fascinating place as it provides a serene environment in the lap of Himalayas. However, apart from this, people come here to watch the beautiful attractions of this colonial city. To add jazz to your vacation, you can also visit Shimla Summer Festival. Here’s a guide about this festival which will make you groove surrounded by the Himalayas.

About Shimla Summer Festival

Shimla summer festival is celebrated by the local people on a grand scale. It is attended by a huge gathering of tribal people, budding artists, and tourists to mark the advent of the summer season. It is said to be a tribute to God by singing and dancing. For the people of Himalayas, this festival is a way to mark a successful harvest season and they ask for the same blessing in the following year.

The trend of this festival began 59 years ago. Shimla was the summer capital during the British Raj. They started this festival in order to boost the tourism of Shimla. This festival has become a huge success since then and a number of tourists come from all corners of the world to enjoy it.

Highlights Of Shimla Summer Festival 2022

explore, travel, shimla, shimla summer festival: an extravaganza for a vibrant and festive atmosphere in 2022

  • The Shimla summer festival 2022 will mark the presence of many performers and artists of different backgrounds.
  • This extravaganza has been graced by the presence of Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, Kishore Kumar and Mohammed Rafi in the past.
  • There are well-experienced organizers, who ensure the safety of all the attendees through electronic surveillance.
  • The Ridge Maidan, Shimla, where you will see a lot of shops and all the hullabaloo is the venue of Summer Shimla Festival 2022. It can be a picturesque background for your trip.
  • The ideal duration for which you should stay for the festival is 5 days.
  • There are many fun and engaging activities for children that makes this carnival children-friendly too.
  • During the festival, there are many photography competitions that help budding photographers showcase their skills.

Shimla Festival 2022 Date And Time

explore, travel, shimla, shimla summer festival: an extravaganza for a vibrant and festive atmosphere in 2022

Shimla summer festival 2019, India is scheduled to last for five days. Make sure you book well in advance as there are a number of people looking to be at the event. Also, there is a heavy rush during the peak hours, and we are sure you want to miss out the fun.

Shimla summer festival 2022 Dates: Wednesday, 1 June to Thursday, 9 June.

Shimla Summer Festival 2022 Schedule

explore, travel, shimla, shimla summer festival: an extravaganza for a vibrant and festive atmosphere in 2022

There are a number of programs that are organized to make the event even more special. Many people are seen participating in these activities and there is at least one activity that suits each visitor. There is a musical gala in which the local tribes perform, depicting their culture. A sports tournament is organized which is enjoyed by everyone, from children to adults. To make the whole atmosphere more lively and colorful, a beautiful flower show is also held. The presence of fresh, local cuisine of Himachal, will titillate your taste buds. People prepare local handicrafts for months and wait for this festival to display their skills and put up their art for sale. This festival is a treat for children too, as there are so many competitions in which they can showcase their talent. The other interesting activities in this festival include fashion shows that display the traditional attire of Himachal, dog shows where you will be able to watch some exquisite dog species. Poster-making competition stalls selling artisanal waress and ice-skating are the other major activities loved by the visitors. During the whole season, local artists perform every day. Leaving no stone unturned, they even invite famous celebrities to perform at this event, making it extra special.

Activities: Music Festival, Flower Shows, Sports Tournament, Food Festival, Ice-skating, Poster Making, Local Handicrafts, Dog Shows, Fashion Shows, Dance Shows

Significance Of The Summer Festival

explore, travel, shimla, shimla summer festival: an extravaganza for a vibrant and festive atmosphere in 2022

The summer festival in Shimla is being celebrated annually since 1960s and is a way to promote tourism by the government. It is now one of the most anticipated and sought after festivals. The festival is a amalgamation of culture and folk activities and provides the attendees an insight into the tradition of Shimla.

How To Reach

Shimla can promise you beautiful scenery on your way to the city. To experience the city at its best, you can choose any of these economical means of transport and then head out to enjoy the festival.

By Air

explore, travel, shimla, shimla summer festival: an extravaganza for a vibrant and festive atmosphere in 2022

One of the best ways to reach here is by taking direct flights. Landing at Jubbarhatti Airport, Shimla, is the best way to get to your destination on time. If you book your tickets early, you can even enjoy a discounted price!

By Road

explore, travel, shimla, shimla summer festival: an extravaganza for a vibrant and festive atmosphere in 2022

The next option that you may consider is by road. It is very convenient and you can easily reach the Mall Road, Shimla. The roads are newly constructed and even the winding paths will be easier to navigate. You can enjoy a spectacular view of the roads along your way as the weather of Shimla is perfect at this time of the year.

By Train

explore, travel, shimla, shimla summer festival: an extravaganza for a vibrant and festive atmosphere in 2022

Many tourists also prefer rail transportation as it is reasonable as well as very comfy. The view of the hills from the train is absolutely stunning. You are sure to get mesmerized by the breathtaking scenery on your way.

There will be a different atmosphere altogether in Shimla Summer Festival 2019 waiting for you. The colorful and vibrant aura all around will make your trip to Shimla worth the while this summer. If you want to have an amazing time around the hills of Himachal with your loved ones this summer, then don’t miss a chance to get mesmerized by this mesmerizing festival. With so much to do here, you will not have a chance to be bored!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Shimla Summer Festival

Is it good to visit Shimla in July?

Shimla is a wonderful holiday destination that you can visit in the month of July. It is one of the best times to visit Shimla.

How is Shimla in summer?

The temperature here can range from −4 °C (25 °F) to 31 °C (88 °F). The average temperature in summers is between 19 and 28 °C.

Which month is best for Shimla?

The most ideal time to visit Shimla is in the summers from the month of March to June. It is a pleasant time in Shimla where you can try some amazing activities.

Is Shimla better or Manali?

The temperature can fall below -5 degree celsius in both Shimla as well as in Manali. However, if you are a fan of snow and snow activities then Manali is the place for you to visit and have a fun time being in.

Is there snow in Kufri in July?

No, it might not snow in Kufri during the month of July. The weather can be alpine during this time, the summers can be mild from the time of April to June whereas the winters can be really cold from November to February.

Can we go to Manali in July?

Yes, July is an ideal time to visit Manali if you are looking forward to falling in love with the greenery that you can find here. The rainfall only begins in July and the heavy rains are usually in August in Manali.

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