Shoppers are calling Wilko Halogen Cooker 'compact' and 'energy-efficient'

food, shoppers are calling wilko halogen cooker 'compact' and 'energy-efficient'

Halogen Cooker

With the costs for essential tasks like cooking set to rise significantly, many Brits are looking for cheaper alternatives to using the oven to cook all their meals.

To keep costs down, switching out appliances to cheaper versions could help save money on the expenses of heating a whole oven.

Recently, research by energy supplier Utilitia found that the most energy-intensive cooking appliance is an electric oven, which typically costs ’87p per day’ to run or ‘£316 a year’.

The company also put emphasis on its statement that ‘consumers can save energy while cooking depending on the method they pick.’

Wilkinson are selling a Halogen Cooker for £50, which is a good option for keeping costs down when cooking.

Buy: Wilko Halogen Cooker 17L (£50)

food, shoppers are calling wilko halogen cooker 'compact' and 'energy-efficient'


The cooker has a large capacity, with 17 litres of space, which is a great size for cooking family meals, batch-cooking or hosting dinner parties.

It can be used for quick and healthy cooking, and the description on Wilkinson’s website says the device ‘uses less energy and cooks three times faster’.

The device can be used for many different cooking methods including frying, roasting, grilling and baking, and consists of a 12 litre glass bowl with extension ring for an extra five litre capacity.

Features include a 60 minute adjustable timer, adjustable temperature ranging between 125-250ºC, alongside and low and high racks.

Shoppers have been praising the cooker, with 84 percent of reviewers recommending it, and some calling it ‘brilliant’.

Balmaha said: ”Working a treat, as expected. Used similar in Asia for many years. Absolutely delighted with this cooker.”

JPHickey commented: ”This halogen cooker is excellent. It heats up quickly and cooks food well. It comes with a lid stand,, two ‘shelves’ of different heights and a ‘chimney’ that increases the capacity so that it’s possible to roast a chicken. I am very pleased with my purchase.”

LisaJaneH also added: ”I bought this recently and it is absolutely brilliant. Cooks so fast. Very easy to use and the added extras are great.”

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