Shopping In Alibaug: An Experience You Shouldn’t Miss For The World In 2022

One of the most popular coastal towns in Maharashtra that is famous not only for the mesmerizing beaches but also for its forts, clean environment and pristine natural beauty. But Alibaug is much more than the natural and historical significance. The other thing that you can and you should indulge in is shopping in Alibaug because there are places where you can not only buy traditional items and delicious food items, but so much more.

If you visit Alibaug, there are some places that you should visit, including Kihim beach, Alibaug beach, Kashid beach, Nandgaon beach, Korlai beach, Akshi beach and many more. Apart from relaxing for a day in one of the beaches, you can also take part in water sports-related activities including snorkelling, scuba diving, riding a speed boat and many more.

4 Places For Shopping In Alibaug

These places for shopping in Alibaug are affordable and depict the essence of a coastal town quite well. They are quite crucial to regular life in Maharashtra.

1. Raigadi Bazaar

explore, travel, shopping, shopping in alibaug: an experience you shouldn’t miss for the world in 2022

Raigadi Bazaar is the primary market in Alibaug that is located quite close to the main beach and your shopping in Alibaug experience won’t be complete if you don’t visit this place. In this market, you will not only get to witness the lifestyle of the local people living out there, but you will also get to buy the exclusive items the tiny Marathi coastal town has to offer. Not only is the market gorgeous, but it also sells the most popular item in Maharashtra that is Kolhapuri Shoes and Sandals.

You might already be knowing that Kohlapuri shoes are a significant part of the tradition and culture of Maharashtra. The market has several shoe stores that sell Kolhapuri shoes and have a large variety of designs. You must buy at least a couple of pairs so that you will not regret after returning home.

Apart from shoes, the market also has shops selling leather bags and belts. These items are made from the same material that the shoes are made from. Apart from these items, the market also sells commodities that are used in regular life and is visited by the local people as well. You can also indulge in some regional cuisines in one of the food stalls located in the market. All the products available in the market are quite cheap and the shopkeepers even lower the prices if you bargain long enough.

Location: Koliwada, Alibag, Maharashtra 402201.

2. Lavish Antique Clocks

explore, travel, shopping, shopping in alibaug: an experience you shouldn’t miss for the world in 2022

In case you are interested in antiques, this store will truly catch the corner of your eye. Not only is the store extraordinarily classy and sophisticated, but it has items selling over there that have a history related to them. This antique store sells clocks that are not only ancient but extremely beautiful as well. All the watches are unique and are handcrafted. Most of them are unique, and only one model of it is available. The artists work a lot on the watches, and you will not be disappointed by splurging in any one of them.

Most of the clocks are comparatively new and have frames made of copper, white metal, brass and coins. Some watches have shells as their structures as well. You will genuinely be surprised by the level of intricacy that goes into making these clocks. In this shop, you will get different categories of clocks, including table clocks, regular wall clocks, pocket watches and many more. The items in the shop are usually of a fixed price, but if you insist the shopkeeper may be willing to reduce the costs for you. You can buy a small pocket watch for yourself or for gifting your friends as well, in case you didn’t want to go over budget.

Location: Alibag – Revas Rd, Man Tarf Zirad, Maharashtra 402201.

3. Bayside Curio Store

explore, travel, shopping, shopping in alibaug: an experience you shouldn’t miss for the world in 2022

Bayside curio store is a shop located on the Alibaug beach that sells all the items that you can take home as souvenirs while shopping in Alibaug. Some of those items are swimsuits, sarongs, capris, shorts, halter tops, crop tops, caps, sunglasses and many more. Though the store mainly focuses on keeping you safe from the sun, it also sells items that are perfect for resort and lounge wear. In case you forgot to bring your bathing or swimsuit to Alibaug, you can buy one from this store quite easily.

Apart from apparel, this store also sells pieces of jewellery that are made from woods, semi-precious stones, beads, shells, horns and many more. The store is also quite famous for selling bags, caps, belts and over items. Not only does the store sell unusual things, but the décor of the store is quite quirky as well. The items in the store are not that affordable. So, think before shopping a lot from there. In case you are planning on splurging, then go on.

Location: Beach box Container Park No. 8 & 9, Mandwa Jetty Rd, Kolgaon, Maharashtra 402201.

4. Nostalgia Enterprises

explore, travel, shopping, shopping in alibaug: an experience you shouldn’t miss for the world in 2022

If you are a shopaholic and indulge in shopping in Alibaug, you must visit the Nostalgia enterprises because not only does the shop have varied items to choose from, but the décor of the store is pretty sweet. The furniture by which the store is decorated gives you the authentic feeling of a coastal town pretty well. In the store, you can buy items like high-end apparel, including tops, pants, scarves, hats and other things. You can also find other items for accessorising, including bags, sunglasses, jewellery and many more.

The shop has attendants that will help you with your shopping experience pretty. Apart from the apparel and accessories, the store also sells swimsuits as well. You will be able to find suits of different prices, including branded and non-branded. The store also sells footwear, including sandals and flip-flops. It is genuinely a one-place store to get anything and everything.

Location: Shop no 1047/946, Alibaug, Alibag – Revas Rd, Zirad, Maharashtra 402201.

The places for shopping in Alibaug are quite beautiful not only because of the interiors of the shops but the surrounding environment they are located in. If you visit there, you will have to buy items like Kolhapuri sandals, artefacts, trinkets of Alibaug and other showpieces. Even if the things are not of high quality, they are made with love and care by the hardworking people of Alibaug. So, on your future trip to Maharashtra, do not forget to visit the places mentioned above.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Shopping In Alibaug

What are the top places to shop in Alibaug?

Though there are not many places in alibaug that are quite popular for shopping, there are some spots that are visited quite frequently by travellers from not only India but all around the world. They are including Raigad Bazaar, Indiashoppe, Zirad and many more.

What are the most popular items to buy in Alibaug?

Most people tend to buy white onion and Kohlapuri slippers in Alibaug. But there are other items as well including swimsuits, antique items, handicraft items and others. If you visit there, you should splurge in these items.

Are there liquor shops in Alibaug?

Yes, there are liquor shops in Alibaug. Not only that, most restaurants and roadside stalls out there provide booze to the customers.

What is the best time to visit Alibaug?

As most of the time, the weather of Alibaug is quite hot, and you must visit there between November to July. Or else, in the monsoon you will not be able to reach there due to the lack of boat services.

What are the famous beaches in Alibaug to indulge in water sports activities?

You can indulge in adventure infused activities in Alibaug including Kayaking, jet skiing, parasailing and others in beaches like Nagaon in Alibaug. Mandwa beach also allows you to take part in these activities.

What is the distance between Mumbai to Alibaug?

The most popular way to reaching Alibaug from Mumbai is via ferry service. The distance between the two places is around 16 km. It takes about 45 minutes to reach Alibaug by a ferry from the Gateway of India.

What is the name of the fort that is located in Alibaug?

In case you visit Alibaug, you will have to go to the renowned Kolaba fort, also known as Alibaug to get to know about the history of the area.

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