SIA Launches World’s Longest Non-Stop Flight from Singapore to New York

The 19-hour direct Singapore-New York route by Singapore Airlines will be the world’s longest non-stop flight.

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Image credit: BriYYZ

New York-bound anytime soon? Starting from the third quarter of this year, Singaporeans will be able to fly direct with Singapore Airlines (SIA) to this glitzy bustling city on board the world’s longest (read: 19 hours non-stop!) Singapore-New York flight.

Served by the new ultra-long-range A350-900ULR aircraft, this flight route will see SIA winning back the title of running the world’s longest non-stop flight from the current record holder, Qatar Airways. Qatar Airways operates an almost 18-hour flight from Auckland, New Zealand to Doha, Qatar.

SIA had previously launched a 19-hour Singapore-Newark flight earlier in 2004 but due to the 2008 global financial crisis and rising fuel prices, the route was cancelled in 2013 and SIA failed to secure its position of running the world’s longest non-stop flight. SIA has also revealed that they plan to launch 15-hour non-stop flights from Singapore to Los Angeles come 2019.

While ultra long-haul flights are here to stay, airlines will still continue to offer flights with stopovers to cater to every traveller. What is your preferred kind of flight?

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