Simple 'Pasta With Hot Sausage' Recipe Has Us Absolutely Salivating

food, simple 'pasta with hot sausage' recipe has us absolutely salivating

This is the ultimate comfort food meal.

If you’re in the mood for pasta but are bored with the red sauce varieties, you’ll want to hear about this recipe. TikTok content creator @kimthefoodie shows us how to make a sensational pasta meal without the tomato sauce. This recipe looks easy and so very flavorful!

This spicy pasta dish will mix up your menu!

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Those little corkscrews look like they hold all of that creamy sauce so perfectly in between each layer. This spicy dish just looks so darn tasty. We want to eat it now! And after seeing this creamy pasta, we know that we’ll make it all the time.

If you’re not a fan of hot sausage, you can always use a more mild flavor. Perhaps a maple sausage, with a little freshly fried sage, could also be delightful. And we’re pretty sure that with some additional seasoning, ground beef, chicken, or turkey would also be terrific variations for this meal. There are so many veggies you could use here, too. A little kale and white beans might also taste delicious! If you don’t have corkscrews, and you need to make this immediately, your favorite pasta will work here as well.

The audience also thought this amazing looked fabulous, and viewer @Botticelli Foods commented,“This looks bomb.” That is does. Viewer @worldisyouroysterr suggested, “Broccoli rabe to that.” Hmm, now that sounds like a wonderful idea, too!

We’ll definitely be putting this into our weekly rotation. We usually think about sausage in the morning, but we’re happy to be reminded that sausage is nice for dinner, too. We love this spicy pasta twist and we can’t wait to try it!

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