A silog bowl made with egg and garlicky sinangag is the ultimate Filipino breakfast. Hearty, simple, and homey, it can be made with a variety of viands like longganisa for longsilog or tocino for tocilog. But the most popular, ubiquitously Filipino silog is tapsilog – and it was upon this dish that Sinangag Express was able to build its success.

The BF Sinangag Express Food Corporation was founded in early 2005. Thanks to the determination and foresight of Jose del Rosario and Raymund P. Tongson; and the culinary knowledge of Carmen P. Tongson, they joined forces with four other directors to create a company that would bring these classic morning meals for Filipinos to enjoy any time of the day at affordable prices.

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The first branch had customers queuing to try the wallet-friendly but tasty breakfast bowls, and demand rose to a level that made the company quickly open more branches to cater to curious diners. Open 24 hours, hungry visitors could enjoy the familiar flavors of a Filipino breakfast any time of the day.

The restaurant chain now has over a dozen branches in Metro Manila, and continues to offer their fast and affordable meals to customers looking for a taste of home. Because of their good food and competitive prices, it’s no wonder that they’ve continued to experience steady business over the years!

Sinangag Express Menu and Bestsellers

Sinangag Express’ menu is straightforward – they serve rice meals that consist of your choice of protein combined with a sunny side up egg and garlicky fried rice, aka sinangag. When in doubt, you won’t go wrong with ordering their popular Tapsilog. Sinangag Express’ tapa is shredded and has enough of that salty-sweet flavor contrast to keep your tastebuds buzzing. Try it with vinegar – or ketchup, if you’re feeling a bit adventurous!

explore, travel, sinangag express menu (with delivery)

If you’re not in the mood for tapa, they have other yummy options that are also firm fan favorites! If you’re a longganisa lover, you can choose from two different varieties in Sinangag Express: garlicky, vinegary Vigan, and garlicky, slightly sour Lucban! They also serve a mean Tocilog – the sweet, salty juicy pork is so hard to resist, you may skip your preferred tapsi over this amazing breakfast staple!

Tapsilog ₱ 99
Tocilog ₱ 99
Hotsilog ₱ 75
Chosilog ₱ 75
Liemsilog ₱ 99
Bangsilog ₱ 99
Adsilog ₱ 75
Prokchopsilog ₱ 85
Special Pares ₱ 120
BBQ Porksilog ₱ 99
Chicksilog (1pc.) ₱ 85
Chicksilog (2pcs.) ₱ 140
Lucban Solo ₱ 135
Vigan Solo ₱ 135
Smoked Bangus ₱ 140
Ilocos Bagnet Meal ₱ 130
Spamsilog ₱ 140
CornedBeefSilog ₱ 140
Senor Longganisa (1pc.) ₱ 75
Senor Longganisa (2pcs.) ₱ 120

explore, travel, sinangag express menu (with delivery)

Table 1
Chilled Taho ₱ 30
Brownies ₱ 15
Yema ₱ 10
Pastillas ₱ 10
Sabanana Chips (Big) ₱ 50
Sabanana Chips (Small) ₱ 20
Mais Con Yelo ₱ 70
Table 1
Tokwa  ₱ 35
Tokwa’t Baboy  ₱ 50
Egg  ₱ 20
Rice  ₱ 25
Half Rice  ₱ 20
Plain Rice  ₱ 20
Table 1
Special Iced Tea   ₱ 35
Nestea Iced tea   ₱ 30
C2 Apple / Lemon   ₱ 25
Coke   ₱ 45
Sprite/ Royal / Sarsi   ₱ 45
Pepsi/ Mountain Dew   ₱ 40
Bottled Water   ₱ 30
Brewed Coffee   ₱ 45

Diners may want a little bit of everything – a need that Sinangag Express has anticipated perfectly by offering an Extra Ulam menu where you can order extras of your favorite viands. So go ahead, load up your Tapsilog with extra tapa, chorizo, or even bagnet! We highly recommended getting the sweet and sour atsara to give your rice meal some added zing.

explore, travel, sinangag express menu (with delivery)

Sinangag Express Delivery

Diners looking for a quick bite can drop by their nearest Sinangag Branch, but if you want to enjoy their breakfast rice meals at home, it’s a snap to get them delivered!

Sinangag Express is on GrabFood and Foodpanda, so you can place your orders on the app and just wait for your freshly cooked rice meals to arrive!