Singapore Airlines Launches Value-For-Money Premium Economy Class

Singapore Airlines’ premium economy class seats has been unveiled. Get wider seats, champagne and wi-fi access on your flight- all for a much lower price.

With legroom in economy class ever-shrinking, flying is no longer the luxurious experience from years past (unless you can pay the massive price tag that comes with business or first class). Many airlines have realised this gap in the market and have capitalised on it by offering premium economy class, which straddles economy and business class. Today, Singapore Airlines (SIA) is unveiling its premium economy class. An investment of USD 80 million has been poured into developing SIA’s premium economy class, and boy, are we impressed by what is coming.

Passengers onboard the SIA premium economy class can remain connected to friends and family even while soaring through the skies as premium economy passengers will have Wi-Fi access and USB Power ports for charging mobile devices right at their seats. The premium economy class seats on SIA also provide more space than the economy class seats at 19.5 inches wide (which is 1.5 inches wider than a normal economy class seat) and with a eight inch recline.

You will never have to worry about being bored in premium economy either. Each premium economy seat is equipped with a fully adjustable reading lamp so that passengers are able to read at any time of the day. Want to watch a movie? With a 13.3 inch full HD display for the inflight entertainment system in premium economy, you can enjoy your movie without having to squint.

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Image Credits: Singapore Airlines

Additional perks for premium economy passengers include the ability to use SIA’s famous “Book the Cook” service to pre-order main courses which are not on the regular flight menu. This service will also cater to passengers with special dietary requirements. Passengers can also enjoy a generous baggage allowance of 35kg, priority boarding and champagne throughout the flight, which is pretty awesome.

Singapore Airlines’ Premium Economy Singapore Airlines’ Business Class Qatar Airways Business Class Cathay Pacific Business Class
$1890.60 $3995.20 $3743.30 $4664.80

These prices were taken for the Singapore to Sydney route, with the outgoing flight (Singapore to Sydney) set to 11 August and the incoming flight (Sydney to Singapore) set
to 18 August.

And all these perks (which are comparable to business class seats in other airlines) come with a price tag of less than half that of a seat in business class. Though you will not be able to enjoy a full recline in Singapore Airlines’ premium economy class seats, the seats in Singapore Airlines’ premium economy is value-for-money.

Are you excited to try out SIA’s new class of seats? I know we are!

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