Spicy Maple Roasted Chicken with Sweet Potato Oven Fries

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Spicy Maple Roasted Chicken with Sweet Potato Oven Fries

I love to cook roasts for my family and friends. As a chef, I like to surprise my guests with different textures and tastes, and I often find that a simple, family-sized protein is the perfect canvas for experimentation. In England, where I live, the concept of the “roast” can mean many things. In the winter, the term might refer to a grand and pastry-wrapped beef Wellington or pot roast. Come springtime, the Sunday roast might instead be a leg of lamb. But in the fall, in my house and so many others’, the Sunday roast is a simple roast chicken.

Roast chicken also happens to be frequently served for lunch in schools throughout much of the country. Slow and steady, the roasting method lends itself well to feeding a crowd of hungry kids. Those bland and overcooked cafeteria birds never much resonated with my daughter Reet, though, and until recently, she would not eat our home-roasted chickens. For her, I developed this juicy and exceptionally flavorful recipe.

I find that crispy sweet potatoes work nicely with this autumn dish, but if you prefer, parsnips or butternut squash are wonderful too. Served alongside a fresh green salad, this succulent bird makes a well-balanced and affordable family Sunday supper.

Note that I started testing this dish using the tandoor in my Bristol restaurant kitchen. The traditional South Asian oven cooks very quickly and results in juicy meat with a wonderfully smoky flavor. If you would like to approximate this method, remove the skin before adding the spice paste and roast the bird using indirect heat over a covered charcoal or wood-fired grill.

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