Starbucks employee slams customer’s drink 'hack', deletes the order


There are so many hacks for drinks at Starbucks on the internet – but one may have gone a little too far.

A woman named Sinead Robbins, who works at one of the coffee shop’s locations in Massachusetts, took to TikTok to show a customer’s bold attempt to get a complimentary beverage.

Robbins showed an image of the label, which showed that the customer bought a 5-cent bag in the online app but then tried to add their whole drink order in the extra “order request” section.

“Hi, could I please have a grande strawberry creme frap with no whipped cream and a strawless lid,” the request read before it added a joyful “thank you!”

Robbins was not buying the little drink scheme.

“This is not a Starbucks hack,” she said in the clip.

“It was a little bit funny, but it won’t work. We canceled the order.”

“Don’t do this,” Robbins added.

People took to the post’s comment section to express their shock and disbelief that people really tried to save money on their order in this way.

One person wrote: “I genuinely have to ask what goes through people’s minds.”

“This is hilarious. Did they actually expect that to work?” another added.

Others expressed what they would have done if they were serving the customer.

“I would have dumped the frap in the bag,” a fourth wrote.

A fifth chimed in: “Give them a handle bag, but you write their request on the bag,” a fourth wrote.

Someone else added: “[Not going to lie] I would’ve made the order. I gave out so much free food when I worked in service. Not like it’s coming out my check.”

TikTok has undoubtedly become the place for fast-food workers to share things that grind their gears on the job, with Starbucks workers in particular.

They take to the platform to rail against some of the orders they don’t want to make as well as hacks and the customers they don’t appreciate serving daily.

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