Stellantis doubles battery production locations planned for North America

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Stellantis doubled its planned number of battery production facilities within North America.

In an interview with Reuters, COO of Fiat Chrysler America (FCA) Mark Stewart stated that the company would not only be doubling its electric delivery van output to over 200,000 units, but Stellantis would also be doubling the number of planned battery production facilities in North America from two to four.

Stellantis’ American brands have finally caught their stride regarding electric vehicles. Dodge has announced their upcoming Dodge RAM Revolution electric pickup and their new electric muscle car. Jeep has announced a lineup of electric vehicles they plan to sell in North America and Europe. While Stellantis has secured a deal to supply Amazon with electric RAM delivery vans as soon as next year.

To feed this enormous number of electric vehicles, Stellantis already announced that they would build two battery production facilities in North America, one in Indiana and one in Canada. However, according to comments from Mr. Stewart to Reuters, this is insufficient to feed the ever-growing number of planned electric vehicles. Now Stellantis intends to build four total facilities, with two new locations to be announced in the coming year(s), and this doesn’t include the auto group’s planned European expansion.

As explained by Mr. Stewart, “by quarter two, quarter three of ’26, if the market continues on the path that it’s on, we’ll need the third plant online by late ’26, early ’27. We are already in discussions for plant No. 3 and possibly plant No. 4. We will need four plants by 2030.”

Stellantis is far from the only manufacturer with ambitions to move battery production to North America and the United States. With funding from the Inflation Reduction Act, countless manufacturers (mainly from South Korea) are seizing the opportunity to establish new facilities in the US and begin to compete with Chinese giants like CATL.

Stellantis is moving to establish itself as a reliable source of electric vehicles, but readers should be reminded that none of these vehicles have yet to his American roads. While the auto group has introduced EVs to Europe, they still have a long way to go before establishing themselves in the US as they hope to.

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