Stunning Recipe for 'Rigatoni Pasta Pie' Is Guaranteed to Impress

food, stunning recipe for 'rigatoni pasta pie' is guaranteed to impress

This is the ultimate dinner party dish.

We adore pasta bakes with all of their cheesy, melty goodness! We love them with just about anything, but this next recipe really has us running for the rigatoni! TikTok content creator @halfbakedharvest entices us with a fall-inspired, mouthwatering pasta pie!

Rigatoni has never looked better!

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Holy Toledo! This looks so creamy and delicious. The shallots and sage have us totally hooked, and we’re so impressed by all the flavors in this meal. For the butternut squash, she drizzles on honey, adds sage and shallots, and roasts them together in the oven. Ooh La La.

After the veggies have roasted, she adds in freshly shredded cheese and butter, then purees them all together to make a nice, smooth cheese sauce. We love everything about this! She arranges the rigatoni upright in a spring-form pan, pours over the sauce, and then tops it with more shredded cheese, a sprinkle of oregano, and a few slices of prosciutto. Our hearts literally paused! Bake until it’s a nice golden brown. We’ll try to not drool on the oven door while we wait.

The audience was ready to try this spectacular recipe right away.Viewer @kristarae06 told us, “Adding to the list this week.” Yes, we are too!” Another commenter, @rebecca roves added, “Omg, looks incredible.” It really does!

We can’t wait to taste this pie. This sensational pasta dish is also a terrific way to get fall veggies into your family’s diet. And the best part is, they won’t even know they’re eating squash. We’re pretty sure the only thing they’ll be asking for is more!

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