SUBWAY MENU & Delivery (Eat Fresh – healthy meal option)

Is there anything as convenient, comforting, and filling as a well-made sandwich? A great sandwich is a simple joy and a quick fix for a hungry tummy. However, not all restaurant chains know how to make a good sandwich that gives great value for money. One company that’s mastered the art of making this humble and delicious food item is Subway. Its flavors are fresh and new, but the business itself is decades old and dedicated to staying on top!

Subway was founded in 1967 by 17-year-old Fred DeLuca, with financial help from physicist Peter Buck. Thanks to Peter’s initial investment of $1000, Fred was able to open Pete’s Super Submarines in Bridgeport, Connecticut. This restaurant eventually became Subway, and its success led to a second branch in 1974. America’s demand for fresh, made-to-order sandwiches the Subway style soon allowed the brand to expand to a global franchise.

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With the array of topping choices that greet you in a branch, customers can easily choose what goes into their sandwich and see for themselves the freshness of the ingredients used. This is why they have the slogan “Eat Fresh”. Today, there are nearly 38,000 Subway branches in over 100 countries!

Subway Menu

Because of the easy customization of a Subway sandwich, it’s a snap to choose your preferred bread, enjoy it fresh or untoasted, or pick all the veggies and dressings you want to load on. However, when it comes to fillings, Subway aficionados have very heated opinions! One bestseller you should definitely try is the 6” Roast Beef, filled with tender slices of beef and perfect with a little mayo!

explore, travel, subway menu & delivery (eat fresh – healthy meal option)

SUB SIX” Footlong Wraps
 Veggie Delite  ₱105  ₱200  ₱115
 Sliced Chicken  ₱125  ₱240  ₱135
 Ham  ₱125  ₱240  ₱135
 Egg Mayo  ₱125  ₱240  ₱135
 B.L.T  ₱125  ₱240  ₱135
 Chicken Teriyaki  ₱135  ₱260  ₱145
 Roast Chicken Breast  ₱135  ₱260  ₱145
 Sliced Chicken & Ham  ₱135  ₱260  ₱145
 Spicy Italian  ₱145 ₱280  ₱155
 Tuna  ₱145  ₱280  ₱155
 Pulled Pork  ₱145  ₱280  ₱155
 Italian B.M.T  ₱145  ₱280  ₱175
 Steak & Cheese  ₱165  ₱320  ₱175
 Roast Beef  ₱165  ₱320  ₱175
 Subway Melt  ₱165  ₱320  ₱175
 Subway Club  ₱165  ₱320  ₱175
 Meatball Marinara  ₱165  ₱320  ₱175

Those looking for lighter fillings should try the Tuna 6-Inch or the Veggie Delite to enjoy the guilt-free, flavorful freshness. You can also opt for wraps instead so you can eat the same tasty fillings in a lighter carb form. Our personal favorite for a yummy light meal is their Roasted Chicken Wrap. Pile on the onions and honey mustard dressing and you’ve got a healthy treat. But if you want something more indulgent, you can’t go wrong with the Steak and Cheese with ranch dressing!

Big appetite today? Get the footlong version to satisfy your hungry tummy! You can also opt to make a 6-inch sub a meal instead by adding a drink and your choice of chips or cookies. The Oatmeal Raisin Cookies have just the right amount of sweetness. However, we are huge fans of their freshly baked Choco Chip Cookies – bet you’ll want more than one!

explore, travel, subway menu & delivery (eat fresh – healthy meal option)

Photo from Subway PH FB

Subway Delivery

Craving a Subway sandwich or two? Now you don’t have to step out to a brick-and-mortar location to treat yourself to a Subway Melt. You can place an order at your nearest branch through Grab Food or Foodpanda. Just open your preferred delivery app, add to cart and check out, then wait for your scrumptious sandwiches to arrive.

If you need to contact them, you can send an email here – Subway contact form.