Tackle Mount Nameless on the walking trail or 4WD track

explore, travel, tackle mount nameless on the walking trail or 4wd track

Mount Nameless (aka ‘Jarndunmunha’) stands 1128 metres above sea level in the town of Tom Price, in the northwest Pilbara region of Western Australia and is one of the top things to do in Tom Price!

For people who are in search of a spectacular vista of the surrounding landscapes from the top of a mountain, Mount Nameless is just the perfect place to go. Accessible via two walking trails and via a 4WD track, the mountain offers stunning views all across the Hamersley Range, the Tom Price iron ore mining site and the township.

So, if you’re up for the challenge, you have the option to take the hiking trail leading up to the summit. But if you’re fine with a somewhat bumpy ride on a four-wheel drive, just focus your navigation to the 4WD track leading to the Mount Nameless summit.

Conquer Mount Nameless via the walking trail

explore, travel, tackle mount nameless on the walking trail or 4wd track

If you opt to go hiking to the summit, allocate three hours for the return hike.

You’ll find a walking trail starting from the base of Mount Nameless, just off Nameless Valley Drive and about 4 kilometres from the Tom Price town centre. The trail lies just past the Tom Price Speedway track. You’ll know when you get there since there’s a small gravel parking area at the beginning of the trail.

The Mount Nameless walking trail initially begins at the 4WD track that gets progressively steeper as you go along. The first phase of the hiking trail involves some steep climbs until you reach a staircase leading to a small section that would require you to scramble over a few rocks, which then leads you up onto a ridge. Here, you need to prepare for the latter section, which is primarily a long steep path following this ridge of the hill.

This hill is usually covered with pretty, colourful wildflowers after a good, refreshing rainy period. From the ridge section, walk with the cliffs to your left.

Continue hiking up the rough trail until you reach the 4WD trail near the top. From there, you can keep walking until you reach the lookout with a view of the town of Tom Price. You can also go up the telephone tower where you’ll be gifted the most fantastic sunset views.

At the top, you’ll have a clear vista for miles around, over the Hamersley Range, the harsh Pilbara landscape, the township and the Rio Tinto iron ore mining site. You can even search for the iron ore mining operations train as it makes its way into the mine. There, it will be reloaded with ore, which will then be taken to the port at Dampier.

What to bring on our hike up Mount Nameless

explore, travel, tackle mount nameless on the walking trail or 4wd track

The walking trail return length is 4.5 kilometres and the degree of difficulty is set at ‘difficult’ since there are long and rough tracks, steep ascents over ledges and some scrambling over rocks involved. You need to have some hiking and bushwalking (Grade 4) experience and a high level of fitness to manage the climb with relatively low risks.

Remember to review the following list of items (Group B – for bushwalks and/or longer trails) for your hike up Mount Nameless:

  • Plenty of drinking water – at least 2 litres per person
  • Snacks or lunch
  • Sun hat or bike helmet (required in WA)
  • Sunglasses, sunscreen (SPF 30+) and insect repellent
  • Camera and binoculars
  • Sturdy shoes
  • Map or guidebook
  • Clothes suitable to the weather conditions
  • First Aid kit

Important Note: Don’t try this climb during the warmer months. It’s best to hike up this trail during the cooler months of May to August and at the earlier part of the day when the temperatures are mild. Make sure to let someone know that you are heading for the summit, and don’t forget to slather on some sunscreen and wear a hat.

Reach the summit of Mount Nameless via the 4WD track

explore, travel, tackle mount nameless on the walking trail or 4wd track

Mount Nameless is the second-highest mountain in Western Australia accessible by four-wheel drive. So if you want to enjoy a spectacular mountain view without the need for a challenging hike, you can drive up to the summit by following the 4WD tracks.

You’ll be starting your navigation to Mount Nameless from the Tom Price Tourist Park, which is 1455 kilometres or a 16-hour drive north of Perth. Tom Price is around 300 kilometres west of Newman and located next to Karijini, home to some of the best-hidden gems in Western Australia.

So if you are headed from Perth to Karijini National Park, Tom Price is an ideal place to rest and refuel before you move on.

To start your 1128 metres above sea level way up Mount Nameless, head westward out of the town along Mine Road. Then make a left (still on Mine Road). From there, take the first right onto Nameless Valley Drive, and then the first left, which leads to a gravel track.

This gravel road will lead you past a mine site until you reach the start of the mountain on the Mount Nameless 4WD track. Vehicles regularly come and go to the mine, so take note of and abide by the speed signs on the gravel road.

The track is a fairly basic 4WD track with several uneven rocky sections, although they don’t really require a huge amount of clearance. Throw it in low range and let the tyres down a bit so you can enjoy the drive to the summit.

The drive to the top of Mount Nameless will take you around 15 to 20 minutes. Make sure to take it slowly, as the road is uneven, and you need to stay on the road. Once you reach the clearing at the top, you can take your sweet time taking in the fabulous views across the Hamersley Ranges.

As you head back down, keep to low range and let the engine do the braking to keep your brakes from overheating.

Camping at Tom Price Tourist Park

explore, travel, tackle mount nameless on the walking trail or 4wd track

Tom Price Tourist Park is the perfect spot to take a break and wind down from your Western Australia 4WD road trip or caravan adventure. This park is great for camping in Tom Price and is also dog-friendly (conditions apply), so even your fur babies can enjoy a quick break out of your vehicle.

The Tom Price Tourist Park features a camp kitchen, swimming pool and coin-operated washing machines. And of course, it’s just right next to the Karijini National Park.

So, if you’re headed anywhere near Tom Price, make a detour to Mount Nameless – you’ll be so glad you did.