Taiwanese batteries for the Top End

EXPORT POTENTIAL: The battery manufacturer says its forthcoming plant is a significant economic and strategic opportunity for the Northern Territory.What is green?

TAIWANESE battery material manufacturer Aleees Group and ASX-listed Avenira Limited has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Northern Territory government to develop and operate a battery cathode manufacturing facility in Darwin.

According to a statement issued by Aleees Group, the three-way MoU outlines details of the final investment decision on a pilot project expected to start next year.

The company said the decision represents a “significant economic and strategic opportunity for the Northern Territory” with the plant to manufacture lithium-iron phosphate (LFP) battery cathode material.

The Northern Territory government will work closely with Aleees Group, Avenira Limited and its supply chain partners to identify a suitable site for the facility, the statement continued.

“Increasing demand and the transition to renewable energy, battery storage and use of high technology products has resulted in global organisations looking to establish diversified, reliable and stable supply chains,” said Northern Territory chief minister, Natasha Fyles.

Ms Fyles said the facility has the potential to create 1000 jobs and will source phosphate exclusively from the Wonarah Phosphate Project in Barkly.

According to Avenira Limited executive chairman, Brett Clark: “This MoU opens the door for Avenira to learn from Aleees about LFP battery cathode manufacturing technology.”

“We can leverage this experience to optimise the production of phosphoric acid from the Wonarah Project and develop downstream assets to produce Australia’s first LFP precursor cathode material.”

Aleees Group’s Australian representative, Brandon Chang, said the move has the potential to have a “significant impact on strengthening the lithium battery supply chain in the world.”

Mr Chang said the cooperation would enhance the development of the lithium battery industry in Australia, helping to further the cause of the green energy industry.

“One of the most exciting opportunities created by renewable energy technologies like cathode materials is the ability to change the world’s sustainability,” he said.

It is estimated the project will generate more than $4 billion in revenue per annum once scaled to full production.

Founded in 2005, Aleees Group is one of the few companies outside China with complete LFP battery material manufacturing technology and patents.

The company owns more than 120 exclusive patents worldwide, with customers including energy storage and electric vehicle battery customers across Asia, Europe, Japan, Korea and the United States.

At present, Aleees Group codevelops various types of LFP and LFMP product with more than 40 customers across the globe.

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