Take A Trip Across This Country And Discover Its History With Witches

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The mark of a witch burned at the stakePhoto credit: Bill McKelvie / Shutterstock.com

Tour Scotland and uncover its history with witches. In Scotland’s “Year of Stories 2022,” you can learn the tales of alleged witches and discover ways to live like a modern-day witch.

“Halloween season is upon us, so what better time than now to explore Scotland’s world of witches,” says a Visit Scotland blog. “Uncover the stories and tales of mythical and alleged witches old and new that have made a lasting impression on Scotland’s turbulent history.”

Follow along with the Witch Trail map to explore locations all across the country.

Witch Trail Map

There are 15 locations on the Witch Trail Map (PDF) taking explorers from the Isle of Lewis in the north to the Scottish Borders in the south. Along the way, you’ll learn about folk magic and folklore, and explore witchcraft markets, centuries-old memorials, and haunted attractions while also learning about the country’s past.

Stops Along The Trail

To really delve into the history, stops along the Witch Trail map include everything from shops to castles to art galleries. Here are a few:

The Witches’ Well


The Witches’ Well sits at the foot of Edinburgh Castle. It marks the spot where more than 300 women accused of witchcraft were burned at the stake. This place is significant because, during the 16th century, more women were murdered at this site than anywhere in Scotland.

The Cauldron Co.


The Cauldron Co. in Edinburgh has classes where you can use molecular mixology — while wearing a cloak — to brew up cocktails! Or enjoy a Wizard Afternoon Tea where you can brew two different types of tea, one focusing on transfiguration and the second on a fun experiment session helping you find your perfect blend.

Witches Craig Caravan & Camping Park


Book a stay at Witches Craig Caravan & Camping Park to get a little taste of mystery and history. It’s located at the foot of the Ochils, which has been rumored to be associated with witches for centuries. Legends and tales have been told such as a minister claiming he saw the devils dancing with witches. The presence of “witches” can still be seen today with names such as Warlock Glen and Devil’s Loch nearby.

Kirkwall Town And “Witchy” Walk


Tour the historical town of Kirkwall to learn centuries-old stories of the earliest Viking settlement, see the original Norse harbor, tour the most northerly cathedral in Britain — St. Magnus Cathedral — and more.

Cailleach’s Herbarium And Scott Richardson-Read

Scottish Borders

In this quirky folklore experience, you’ll visit Cailleach’s Herbarium to learn about Scottish folklore, herbalism, and folk practices. It’s led by Scott Richardson-Read, the co-creator and researcher behind the Taibhsear Collective. Cailleach’s Herbarium brings to life Edinburgh’s ongoing annual folk scene.

Scotland’s Year Of Stories 2022

Throughout 2022, there are events across the country to celebrate Scotland’s Year of Stories. The idea is to celebrate the culture through stories. This year, community groups, museums, heritage sites, and other visitor attractions will hold events with storytelling at the heart.

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