Talisay Beach, Tapiutan Island in El Nido

A beautiful second option.

That was something that crossed my mind when I first saw Talisay Beach in El Nido. How could this beauty be just a second option? El Nido Tour C originally includes Star Beach as one of the destinations to explore, but during that time Star Beach was closed.

Our guides said, it was being used as a location for a reality television program from other country. That’s something to be proud of right? And honestly, I don’t have issues for deciding to go to Talisay Beach instead of Star Beach, because it’s gorgeous.

There were a lot of boats docked on the island but the idea and worry that your boat won’t be having enough space on the shore was instantly erased by the time we laid our eyes on the island. Unbelievable. All islands in El Nido are like these? seriously?

The beach was just fine and clear you could see the fishes swimming on its turquoise waters. And those rocks and cliffs,  carved by nature for us to enjoy.

explore, travel, talisay beach, tapiutan island in el nido
explore, travel, talisay beach, tapiutan island in el nido

The boatmen said that while they prepare our lunch, we can all enjoy the beach!

We jumped off the boat, swam with little fishes until reaching the shore. Walking on Talisay’s white sand beach was another moment to enjoy and cherish.

explore, travel, talisay beach, tapiutan island in el nido
explore, travel, talisay beach, tapiutan island in el nido

After about 45 minutes of basking in the sun, walking on the beach while holding hands with Eloi. haha we saw one of our boatmen waved at us, the sign that the moment we’ve been waiting for has finally arrived. It was time for lunch!

One of the good things about El Nido tours, is it includes lunch. And not just the usual meal, it’s complete with grilled liempo and seafood with ensalada and fresh fruits presented in a very artistic way.

Water activities like swimming, snorkeling and all can be exhausting at times so the beauty of El Nido and the sumptuous food were enough bring back our energy for more adventure.

explore, travel, talisay beach, tapiutan island in el nido

After our lunch, we still had about  30 minutes to further enjoy the island. For me and Eloi, we just sat there on the right side of the beach near our boat and those limestone cliffs. We were just there, looking at this unbelievable splendor.

At that sunny day, I told myself that pushing for this El Nido travel to materialize was just worth it. Honestly, life has not been always smooth sailing for me, and there were a lot of valid reasons to cancel this trip. But surprisingly, it was like the universe has conspired to make this travel a reality. Seriously.

That’s why I am grateful. Thankful to be in a paradise, away from stress and worry.


How to go to El Nido?

Book a flight to Puerto Princesa. Outside the airport, there are vans offering direct trip to El Nido. Haggle your best price. We were able to get it at 450 pesos per head.

Looking for El Nido Hotel and accomodation?

We stayed at Ocean Vista Inn, it has a spectacular view of the El Nido beach. Like one minute walk to the beach and at the center of everything like restos and shops. It’s very near the El Nido town.

Thank you Northern Hope Tours! Our tour was complimentary by them. For inquiries about their tour and booking, please check their website here. 

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