Tauck Announces Savings For Solo Travelers On Guided Tours — Here Are The Deals Available

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If you’re a solo traveler, or you’ve been wanting to give it a try, now may be the time to get in on some great deals. Tauck is offering solo traveler savings for 2023. The single supplement is waived entirely on all Category 1 riverboat cabins and reduced up to $1,000 on 176 departures from 63 itineraries to five continents.

“We’re excited to eliminate or dramatically reduce the single supplement on so many of our journeys, yet the financial savings are just one of several reasons why Tauck is so popular with solo travelers,” said Tauck CEO Dan Mahar. “Our trips provide a wonderful sense of assurance and support that our solo guests truly appreciate, and many say they feel like ‘part of the family’ when they travel with us.”

The 97-year-old leader in upscale guided land journeys, European river cruises, small ship ocean cruises, and Tauck Bridges family travel adventures, has announced the savings will start next year.

Savings Details

On the water, for the coming year, Tauck has again eliminated the single supplement on its Category 1 European riverboat cabins, waiving the supplement entirely for those cabins on each departure of every Tauck river cruise itinerary. The single supplement is being waived on nearly 250 Tauck river cruise departures next year. Tauck has also reduced the single supplement by $1,000 on other selected cabin categories on 63 departures of 20 different river cruise itineraries.

On its land journeys, Tauck has reduced the single supplement by up to $1,000 on 113 departures of 43 tours visiting five continents. In North America, for example, the company has shaved up to $1,000 off the single supplement on 43 departures of 15 tours. On its popular European tours, Tauck has reduced the single supplement by up to $400 on 48 departures of 19 different land itineraries.

In its “Exotics” portfolio, Tauck has reduced the supplement by up to $600 on 22 departures of nine trips in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East.

“Planning a solo trip with Tauck is as simple as selecting the itinerary and the departure date,” added Mahar. “All of the advance planning and other tasks that would normally fall squarely on the shoulders of a solo traveler — all of the choreography, all of the hotel and restaurant reservations, all of the on-site transportation, navigation, and more — they’re all expertly handled by Tauck. It’s hard to put a real value on a relaxing, enriching, and memorable travel experience, and while the monetary savings are great, in some ways, they’re really just the icing on the cake.”

About Tauck

Founded in 1925, Tauck is a world leader in upscaled guided travel, with more than 150 land tours, safaris, river cruises, and small ship ocean cruises to more than 70 countries and all seven continents.

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