Teco 2030 receives potential fuel cell order from AVL

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The Norwegian company Teco 2030 is to deliver 120 fuel cell stacks to the Austrian propulsion developer AVL. This is provided for in a letter of intent now concluded between the two companies.

However, this is not yet a binding order, because AVL itself has not yet received a confirmed order for the fuel cell truck in which the stacks from Teco 2030 are to be installed. According to the Norwegian company, the stacks are intended for use in 30 trucks based on AVL’s HyTruck platform, for which AVL has received a request for proposal from an unnamed customer.

If the customer places the order, Teco 2030 is expected to start supplying the stacks in the fourth quarter of 2023. According to the statement, AVL is already working on a formal request for the potential supply, which should be received in two to three weeks. “On this basis, AVL plans to hold detailed discussions with Teco 2030 regarding the scope of delivery, all technical details, commercial terms and conditions,” the company said.

What is clear is that two 100 kW stacks will be combined into one FC system. This would result in 60 FC systems. However, since there is only talk of 30 trucks, each vehicle will probably receive two systems with a total output of 400 kW – but this is not exactly confirmed in the communication.

Should the deal come to pass, it would not be the first cooperation between Teco 2030 and AVL. In August, the two companies had agreed on a cooperation to develop the prototype of a 40-tonne fuel cell truck. According to earlier information, this is to integrate a 300 kW FC system into a standard truck chassis.

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